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October 22, 2009


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9. Homes on culdesacs and dead end streets are usually a great value since buyers with children will worry less about fast traffic driving through and buyers without children won't have to deal with traffic noise.

10. If you buy a house with lots of windows, you may want to make sure you face North or South (especially in Houston, TX). My in-laws house would get hot and their electricity bill was very high since their wall of windows faced West. They ended up putting up foam board so they have great insulation but no view at all. They made sure to remind us while we were house hunting and our electricity bill is less than what we paid in our apartment.

I always demand to get an inspection, but it has kept us from getting a place once or twice recently because someone was willing to buy the house with no contingencies (including appraisal and inspection).

Watch out on those "fixer-uppers".

Unless you work in construction and really know what you're doing, your home-made bathroom/kitchen remodel is going to be a liability on resale instead of adding value to your home. And if you can actually do the work right, be sure to get a building permit & make sure the work is up to the current code.

Too many "handymen" out here in the Midwest. Every idiot who can hold a hammer thinks they can remodel their bathroom without a building permit. Not only are the results often shoddy, but you really have to look out for the houses for sale here--many of them won't pass inspection due to building code violations including wiring issues that could cause a fire.

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