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October 05, 2009


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I would say "aggressive investing" are poor choices of words. If it means "aggressively contributing to your investing" then I would agree. However, if it means, "To invest in an aggressive manner" then I would agree that that's not always a good idea.

Overall though, they're not really bad advice....

Pretty simple advice on retiring early.

I like #2 - modest lifestyle. There really is no limit on the amount of income you can save, which means there is no limit on how early you can retire.

Most people do the minimum and get the minimum.

I plan to quit at 55. I only make a little over 50k a year. I only spend about 22k a year. I have no dept. own my house and car. don't have any kids. So ... i think I can do this. Only care. I'm looking for cheap, high deductable insurance. With a little luck...I may be able to do this.

You're right about starting decades early if you want it to happen.

i immensely enjoy what i do and i really dont think that i will ever want to retire. maybe its the youth and money talking but i am working towards having this option in the future. i dont want to have to work at 70 out of necessity but out of a simon-pure passion for my work. i choose aggressive investing and building businesses and increasing my education on as much as i can. nice post btw


In your example about someone making $200K per year, this must mean after taxes right? Because $200K gross would work out to about $120K a year after taxes....

Just saying because I am one of those heavy savers and for sure my biggest expense on gross income is the dreaded t-word.


...sooner if the market gets its act together"

This can be the brutal factor in retiring early. Some people retired with a 40% loss.

I want to have enough money to live my lifestyle regardless of the stock market.

The facts you presented is good, if one keep a steady income stream for decades.

A job loss can also make you short in reaching your goal

I couldn't agree more with the comments about 'aggressive investing'. I hope that we have learned how much this can hurt. The only thing worse than a 50% loss within a few years of retirement is a 50% a few years after retiring. Time really is your best ally in investing.

I would say "aggressive investing" are poor choices of words. If it means "aggressively contributing to your investing" then I would agree.

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