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October 31, 2009


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I've read this book and think it's a great guide for the average American consumer.

If you are business for yourself, withholding enough taxes should be a quarterly (if not monthly) task. Of course if you are working for someone else, the tax removal each pay period should already be in place.

FYI for gifts for adult family members, cousins, brothers, sisters etc - may I suggest this:

it is from the White House historical society - the yearly white house christmas ornament... it is *A-POLITICAL* (nothing to do with politics) but is a very nice ornament with a short writeup about the year's selection.

We got them last year for the adult family members - they all LOVED them greatly.

and it simplifies our shopping - a co-worker organizes purchases so we get a decent discount - comes to lie $13 or $14 per....

anyway - just a thought...

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