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October 16, 2009


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It's the month of twos -- thanks for blogging about the credit card with 2% cashback (I am only getting up to 1.25% back) and now a savings account with 2% APY (the APY on my savings account has fallen to 1.3%).

Hooray for free stuff! Keep up the good work, FMFblog.

sign me up please

Getting in early.

oink! oink! sign me up!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Flexo, Tom, Smithee,
Please pick some of us who left comments right away. Pick me!

Thanks for the great content and giveaways.

Sign me up.

Thank you.

This little piggy needs to learn to budget for her "wishes" .... Thanks for the awesome give-aways!

I'm in! Love Smarty Pig!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Pick me!


Pig me!

Count me in.

I want to be a smarty pig


This little piggy wants to go to the market

I want in.

sign me up!

Great offer!

FMF is the Best!

Ok, this is for the random number generator... PICK ME!! :)

Thank you! :)

Sign me up!

Sign me up! By the way, great blog! Keep up the fantastic work here!

Thanks for the chance to win

Pick me :) .

Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for the chance!

Thanks for putting the contest together.

This will help start a college account for the two siblings my wife and I are adopting. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Will I win? The suspense is killing me...

Sounds interesting.

Yay! Smarty Pig!

Sign me up.

Wish me luck!

Mmmm, barbecue!

Thank you

I would love to win the $50. Thanks.


Pick me! Pick me!


Thank you!

Thank you FMF and keep up the good work!



Thank you!

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