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October 16, 2009


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I love your blog and I'd love to win the box of books. Happy Thanksgving!

I just found your blog about a month ago and I've really enjoyed reading it. Thanks!! I, too, would love to win a box of books.

A box of books would be cool!!!

This would be a great Christmas gift for myself!

early bird gets the worm

Nothing like good books....makes my heart go pitter patter!

I love books.

Could this be my lucky day?

I def need something new to read at work! Thanks!

I need some good news.

Thanks for the giveaway...Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the great content and giveaways.

Bring on the books!

I'm in! I'd love to win this!


Awesome! Thanks

Used books are great. Nice choice.


Like a barrel of monkeys for adults!

I love to read.

I know the exact spot on my book shelf they will occupy!


I think its a little absurd that I'm as excited over the potential for 8 slightly used finance books as I am, but why fight a good thing?

Does I need to know to read?

thank you for the opportunity, i would love to see some books i have not read.

sign me up!


A box of books would be great! Thanks!

I love to read!

You can always use more books.

Sign me up!

Sign me up!

Pick me :) .

Thanks for the opportunity


Thanks for all you do!!!

I would love to win.

Thanks for the chance to win these books!


I agree. This would make a great Christmas gift for some people I know. Hopefully I'll win.

This would be great!!

I would love to win the books, even though the library is wonderful it is still nice to own books.


I love personal finance books.

I hope I win.

I'd like this one.

This is awesome... I need these!

Books for the win.


Pick me!

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