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October 16, 2009


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will #1 win?

I had an older quicken of version but never upgraded. I'd try it again.

Thanks for the giveaways and Happy Holidays!

Sign me up.

Thank you.

I'm overdue for a quicken deluxe upgrade, so this would be great.

Definitely something I need to get back into using .. I think my ex laft a 2007 copy here somewhere but its licensed to him = (

I'm in! I've been thinking about using Quicken again, after a few years with YNAB. I love it, but I'm thinking I need a different way of looking at things now.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I've never used quicken, but I'm hoping that it's more secure than Mint.

Thanks. I could really use this

This is a darn good idea. Quicken is a great choice.

I'm in!


I hope i win.


My rusted, old spreadsheet might get jealous.....and I'm ok with that.

Im in.

quicken would be nice :)

My heart quickens at the thought of winning


Hook your boy up!

My Money is burning!

sign me up!

always worth a try.

Pick me!

I use QuickBooks for both business and personal accounting. It's somewhat awkward to manage one's personal finances like a business. I would hope Quicken makes it a little easier.

Thanks for the opportunity to win

Sign me up! You have a fantastic blog and I check it every day!

Thanks for the opportunity

I would love to win.

Have been using Quicken for years and love it!

count me in.

Just like playing the lottery. At least this one's free. Hopefully though I'll win.

I love Quicken


:) I hope I am the winner!

I hope I win


Thanks, this would be cool to win.


Thank you


I'll try one!

Thank you!

Does anyone watch arrested development? George Michael gets Quicken as a gift and is really excited...I would be too!


Thank you

i'm still using a 2001 copy of microsoft money! help: i need a quicken makeover! :)

Nice gift!

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