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October 16, 2009


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sign me up please.

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Yes I do!

Add my request.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the great content and giveaways.

Sign me up.

No question about it - I definitely need a budget .. with all the bills rising (except the COLA Expenses/Paycheck) its time to tighten the belt even more .. and seeing it in black and white (or on the monitor) helps math idiots like me do better at budgeting ... Thanks for offering this as a possible prize to those of us who are clueless about budgeting WELL :)

I've read about YNAB and would love to try it out!

Budget software is extremely helpful. I am working with some people at my work to help get them tracking their spending and setting a budget. This is a great giveaway.


Makes me wonder what else I need.....

Pick me.



My Money is burning!

sign me up!

Curious to at least check this out.

Need A Budget will open my wifes eyes. Thanks for the chance to win.

Pick me :) .

Sign me up. Thanks!

I'm in!!!

I would love to win.

I would love to win a copy of YNAB. Thank you for the giveaway.

This would be great!

Would love to try out this product.

pick me!

I have a budget. But I would like to try out the software.


I would love this!


Thank you.

I really need this.

I need this software!!!

I need this.

Thank you


I've done pretty well without a budget, that is, up until now. Of all the comments I have read about it, I really think this could come in handy.

Thanks for the offer and Happy Holidays!

Thank you!

The newsletter idea is great and the freebies just make it better!



Thank you!

I hope I win this, I never win anything.

Thanks for the opportunity, and a great site!

Pick me, pick me! lol

I could really use this...

I'd love to try this out.

need a budget

I need a budget


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