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November 06, 2009


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We have a work review every 6 months. Every single one for me boils down to keep up the great work and great attitude. It really is that simple.

Forget your boss, he's only 1 level above you. You will have his job pretty much by default once he leaves. Instead, worry about the guy above your boss.

The FMF list is a much better approach. Not only can you get somewhere, you can also sleep at night because you did the right thing instead of playing games.

If your boss expects you to be a mini-me, you're boss might love you but you may also not have success in your career. If you boss is interested in political games he/she is definitely not looking out for your career.

Results. How true. It comes down to how you affect the bottom line. Thanks for the reminder.

Pretty clear indeed. Come in first, leave LAST for at least the first two years kids! Don't mess up your chance to make millions in your life b/c of laziness.


When my boss is clearly stressed, I always ask, "is there something I can do to help you?" I'm not trying to climb the corporate ladder anymore, but I do want a happy and functioning work environment. My boss knows he can depend on me and that makes life better for both of us.

As a boss, I also like the following traits: pride in organization/work, conscientious, loyal.

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