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November 06, 2009


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FMF - It's called laziness and spam from advertisers.

I just ignore everything, LITERALLY! That's why you see no ads on my site. I'll probably put something up in December to pay for operating costs and use some to donate to charity.

But for my site, everything is directly negotiated.

$1mil? SOLD!


what exactly is a text link? I also don't get how google would crush you for having them? I also have no experience with this type of thing so I'm just curious.

Text links? I'll order a dozen!

Brett --

A text link is simply a word or set of words (like "great payday loans") that is hyperlinked to a specific site (in this example, a payday loan site.)

If a site buys enough of these links, it will place highly in Google search results (and thus get lots of traffic). Google frowns on this because they want to list the best sites based on what people/sites are linking to on their own (because it's good, not because they're paid.) As such, they penalize sites selling text links in an attempt to stop the process.

Also, you have already sooo many ads here where would you fit any new text link ads?

Bill --


If you'd like to sponsor the site at $20k per month, I'll be happy to take down all the ads. :-)

BTW, in case you didn't know, all my revenue goes to charity:

There goes my marketing idea for pork belly futures here. :D

You gotta love those text link ad brokers. My favorite ones that I receive are the ones that get my site name wrong completely.


"Dear Owner of"

Makes it pretty obvious they're just spamming as many sites as they can to find suckers to sell their sites at a cheapo rate.

I tend to believe the author of this blog is a jolly old fellah. A few kilos short of being Mr. Claus himself. This post made me feel bad and now I'm afraid of the author. The same happened to me when I realized Leo Laporte (from ZDTV, TechTV era) wasn't as nice as he seemed on TV.

If you think of a way to eliminate SPAM, let us all know!
Meanwhile, we'll all have to just keep deleting the crap.

As you must know by now I really enjoy the thought provoking subjects that you come up with every week. I also appreciate that your blog attracts readers that seem to me to be a lot more serious, more literate, and better educated, than blogs on MarketWatch where it's full of responses that are often just rude and illiterate one-liners. That's why I don't bother with them anymore.

I was planning to ask a bunch of questions that this particular subject provoked but I see that you already have an "ABOUT FMF" section that provides all the information that you are willing to make public.

Keep up the good work, you are providing a great service, though I must admit that I am getting addicted to Free Money Finance. It and Sudoku take up a lot of my computer time now that my investments are all running themselves on Auto Pilot.

Sorry, no sympathy here. You have a very popular blog and if this is the biggest problem you get from your high subscriber and reader counts, consider yourself lucky.

I will have to diddo Old Limey, keep up the great work! I'm definitely addicted.

Old Limey --

Thanks for the thoughts. If you get tired playing Sudoku, my offer to write some guest posts is always open.

BTW, I plan on updating my "about" section -- one of several items on my ever-growing to-to list.

Let us know when you update that "about section" :)

And Old Limey, why aren't you taking up his offer?! Pleeease. :)

For newbies out there, it would be advisable not to take up these offers. Just for the fact that you will lose any search ranking (no matter how low) and get your site blacklisted.
Also don't give out any financial or personal details to these scammers. No doubt you may lose more than the $10 you were looking forward to.
Do what I do. Place those email addresses and sites on the spam list

Text links rule. I prefer text links over any banner.

Google Adwords which you display (and I use for advertising my business) lets you target specific site with your ads anyway. So if someone wants to advertise here they could use Adwords and target the site that way. Reputable ad networks know how to format ads so that google and other search engines don't knock your site for them.

I've gotten these emails too for my blogs and I direct them to the two ad networks I use to advertise that way. Sometimes these are spammers and sometimes they're just unaware of how to do advertising online.

I will give you 20 dollars a month instead of the ten you were quoting. A hundred percent increase over the previous bid.

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