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November 05, 2009


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Hobbies have a place sometimes, but there's an art in how to present them - brief but not a bland "I enjoy cooking, travel, socializing". My bosses certainly love to chat away with any candidate who shares their love of football, rugby, formula one. I distinctly remember interviewing someone who had mentioned a recent round-the-world trip too, and we had a great conversation about that. These are nice icebreakers.

Having said that, I got a resume recently that had a couple of paragraphs at the end that described in flowery language how much the person loved sitting down with a glass of white wine, enjoying french cinema, watching the wildlife in the garden blah blah. I mean, I like most of things too but I couldn't believe anyone would think this belonged on a resume. He was highly qualified and experienced too.

guinness416 --

But what if I mention I'm a Man United supporter and your bosses love Liverpool? Yikes!!!!! ;-)

I have to disagree on the creative resume part. I had a standard, chronological resume a few years back. After tossing out 50 resumes, I got no calls for interview. None. I eventually figured out my chronological resume was no good, and went to the library researching successful resume examples.

All the books I found recommended against standard resumes. They did not recommend fancy paper (one book recommended thicker resume paper), graphics, or creative fonts. They did recommend different formats that extinguish your resume from other applicants' resumes. The books recommended not copying their formats but to come up with your own. The formats people come up with represented their personality, and a format often used can easily be identified, thus losing its ability to distinguish you from other applicants.

Ever since I changed my resume, every resume I sent out got me an interview.

Other than format, my resume isn't very out of the ordinary. The differences are: my name and headlines are placed prominantly in extremely large arial fonts; lines separate different sections; a section is dedicated to high lights that explain how I fit the minimum requirement; company titles and position titles are bolded so they can be easily identified; one or two quotes from my recommendation letters (which are attached to the back of the resume) are placed in various places in the resume.

I never did print my resumes on better paper. Whatever I have in the printer is what I use.

I've always gotten complimented on my resume and so far it's served me well.

FMF said:

"But what if I mention I'm a Man United supporter and your bosses love Liverpool? Yikes!!!!! ;-)"

Then kindly disregard my comment (in a different thread) regarding your great Arsenal...

You're saying they took pity on me for being a Spurs supporter FMF, aren't you?

guinness416 --


Terry --


Not sure if you're an Arsenal fan or not, but they're a great team -- should be in it all the way this year.

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