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December 16, 2009


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Oh boy, I can't wait. Bring it on!

"Also, the posts submitted need to be from the calendar year 2008."

I assume you mean 2009?

cmadler --

Yes, thanks. I changed it to be correct.

Just submitted my entries! I didn't participate last year, but I voted a lot. :) Thanks for hosting the contest again.

Great idea - any registered charities are in the running? Will be hard to think of just one - might be helpful to pick from a list. I'll have to think. Will the charity be included with the post in the voting? I hope people wouldn't vote against a post due to the charity it was playing for (eg., if they don't like that charity)...

MoneyEnergy --

You pick the charity. If you can't think of one, simply say "your choice" and I'll pick it.

No, I don't reveal the charities until the very end -- after the last votes have been counted and the winner picked.

Sounds good; I just sent an email with (I hope) all the required information. Eagerly awaiting the start of competition!

What if you don't author a blog? Can you just submit a "post" for entry?

Travis D -

No, but you can submit it as a guest post here. Details:

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