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December 04, 2009


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Wow, good to know. I'll try this later. I just let my consumer reports online subscription die because there are disappointingly few reviews available.

I use the consumer report magazine for all of my over $50 purchases, so if the same deal is in my area, that would be great!

So you are now able to hit the consumer reports online site from home... by using your library account to sign on?

Thx! Great find!

You should check with your library to see if they offer access to safari books or a similar service, many libraries offer a variety proxy services online access.

The public library (which is funded with your tax dollars) is the greatest money saver in the world. You can read any book you want, browse any magazine or newspaper in person, and get DVDs to watch - all for free. Most libraries have on-line systems for requesting books and movies and accessing every imaginable newspaper or magazine - all from the comfort of your home! In addition, they usually have free concerts, movie nights, host knitting circles, and presentations on a myriad of topics (we have had talks ranging from ghosthunters to college financing to local authors to diabetes to the history of tea.) Not to mention free stuff for your kids: storytimes, summer reading programs, and other family events. You can also help support your local library by giving them your used books (which they typically sell to make money or add to their collection.)

What was the URL you used to sign in through? Was it off of your libraries home page, or on the CR site?

mjmcinto --

From my library's home page I linked to their CR page (you may have to search for it), typed in my library card number and PRESTO, I was at the CR site with complete access.

My library has a streaming video service that offers lots of tutorials for school age kids on a variety of topics (math especially). I can see that coming in handy if they were doing some homework a parent might not be really familiar with anymore. They also have a bunch of streaming movies (older usually), and a ton of shows (cooking, travel, etc.) from PBS available to watch. I can also download (check out) a large selection of ebooks and audiobooks.

My local library's website has this feature too, with a link to consumer on the side of their home page. Thanks for pointing this out, I was getting ready to research buying a new TV, so this will definitely help me out, thanks again for the tip.

That's a good tip. That's also how I access anything from Morningstar's premium content, as well as Standards and Poor.

I looked this up awhile ago but sadly both of my library memberships don't provide free access online (only on print). :(

oh well - my library doesn't have them linked on their site, so no such luck for me. Definitely worth checking though

I love Consumer Reports and don't mind paying the $26 fee every year. I think I get more than that in value, but I certainly wouldn't mind getting the subscription for free.

I checked my local library's website, but unfortunately can't find any similar links. Good to look for in the future though!

I have visited your website and I would like to congratulate you on building such a valuable online resource. I am sure your visitors find your site as useful as I did.

Fabulous! Took a little effort to find it on my library's website (Seattle Public Library), but I did find it and it worked great!

You made my day. Thanks so much!

YAY! you are a genius this totally made my day. Thanks for sharing!!

Great my public library had this link. Thank you.

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