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December 11, 2009


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That is so sad! I wish celebs would get a grip :(

it never ceases to amaze me how people continue to live to their income level. I guess I am just as guilty but I am still living within my means. Just because you have the money to buy a mansion doesn't mean you need a mansion. I wouldn't have anything to do with some of these palatial estates these people own. Give me a nice house on the beach and its gravy baby.

Boy talk about a money steam... The money flows into their hands and back out through their fingers...

Don't feel too bad for them, their bankruptcy isn't like our bankruptcy. Even in bankruptcy, most of these stars still have a lot more than us. The money is just tied up, like in those 15 homes that Nicolas Cage has...

Yeah, but that Boxing Helena was one freaky, disgusting film. I don't blame Basinger from trying to get out of it no matter what the cost.

Of course, she also bought a town (!)--I can blame her for that.

I suppose Joe Francis qualifies as a celebrity but I can't have much sympathy for someone who's obviously such an immoral sleazeball who should probably be in jail. Trump is another different situation because while famous he is a risk-taking businessman so while he failed spectacularly and certainly didn't expect to he knew the risk was there.

Most of this though I think is the rush of being famous and having lots of money when you don't have the financial know-how. Between not knowing how to handle it and there are going to be crooks willing to take advantage, some of them go down in flames. Same thing happens to less famous people just not so publicly. The one that surprises me actually is Nicholas Cage because he comes from a wealthy acting family so he should have learned what to expect from the rest of the Coppolas.

Is it better to have won a fortune and lost it or to never have wonb at all?

By the grace of GOD we all travel on this earth. and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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