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December 27, 2009


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Thorough summary of the biblical texts. I especially like the "it's all Mine" God quotes.

Very nice. I wish I handled my money in God's interests and way 100% of hte time, but I'm still working on that. Getting better (I think) but still working on it.

Interesting post.

Indeed it would seem correct that God does own everything. The only issue I have is that the church would say: Giving money to God = Giving money to the church. I have a lot of distrust on any entity claiming to be the only channel to access God.

It's like the George Carlin skit that goes along the following lines: Why do people pray to God when they know God has a plan? You expect every dumb schmuck who buys a $1 prayer book to be able to change God's plan? And why is it that God always needs money? All powerful, all knowing, all seeing but always seems to come up short?!

What if the power of God resides in all of us and our actions are manifestations of that power? Donating money, effort, time are all extensions of that intent, that power, that force, which resides in all of us.


God does own everything of course but the tithe is holy and belongs to the Lord. The other 90% He allows us to keep to provide for our needs and to share with people. I teach that God does want us to be prosperous even to the point of Him taking pleasure in our prosperity. Ps 35:27 If I sound like a prosperity preacher, that's because I am but I am also a balanced prosperity preacher is as much as I not only teach God's Word on prosperity but I teach people how to make money as well.

I remember one story about a preacher talking about everything belonging to God. A big rancher took the man to dinner and afterward took him out to a high place overlooking his huge, huge ranch. He turned to the preacher and said, "Now tell me this is not mine." The preacher replied, "I will answer you on one condition only. You come back in 300 years and ask me the same question." We really don't own anything. It is for our use while we live and it passes on to others.

I cannot believe this will work!

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