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January 25, 2010


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Way too many people leave their jobs over small raises. Before taking another job, make sure that you are not just leaving your job for a small raise.

I have taken a small pay cut to work at something I wanted to do, only to find myself making more than the previous job. I knew it would be temporary and have not regretted doing so.

I do regret staying in a particular field for too long (i.e. food service) and often wish I would have moved on sooner.

I have never chosen a job based on job title or because my parents wanted me to be one (doctor, lawyer, indian chief, etc).

I have taken some jobs management has offered because I needed something to live on, keeping in mind that something better is always out there. These jobs do not appear on my resume because of their short-term status.

1 - Sometimes a bird in the hand beats two in the bush (and one overhead! ;-} )

2 - This is just flat WRONG. MasterPo hates to see the tired old dogma about doing work for love of job and not for money being once again perpetuated. Sure liking the work is good (nothing sucks more than going every day to a job you just can't stand - been there/done that). But selecting a position for the position and putting the $$$ somewhere in the runner-up category is 1980's headhunter junk to get flunkies to take a position they know is no good.

3 - Another myth MasterPo hates. Title means EVERYTHING!! MasterPo doesn't care if your title is "bum" (as you say) and you get paid whatever-high-pay. You're title is still BUM. From title flows authority. Why do you think an engineer or administrator can't get a particular person on the phone but the VP can on the first call? Why do you think people drop whatever they are doing when the upper-crust of the management ladder calls or emails? It's title and the power (real or just perceived) that comes with it.

4 - MasterPo will agree on that but add that if it's a choice between taking the job or being put out the door there is not much choice. At least in the short run.

5 - Tricky one. It could be argued that if your parents did well in the field their name will shine on you and help easy your way. Maybe even open more doors for you. OTOH, following the family foot steps isn't for everyone. Tough call.

When. First went to college it was to learn to do what my father did. Let's just say one semester and a 1.7 GPA later electrical engineering wasn't my forte. Still there a lot of peoe who follow in their parents footsteps jut because they feel like they have to. Not because they want to.

Normally whenever I've jumped jobs when currently working I'd only do it if they "made me an offer I couldn't refuse." Usually that meant at least a 30% jump in take home compensation, one time it was more than a 100% jump!

I think that is a great formula for success, even if it means that you find yourself out of work or in a dubious situation later. Many may question this logic but I think that taking calculated risks combined with a strong work ethic and persistence to see things through make you much better off.


I was in my mid 20's before I figured out that people actually chose their own college majors and careers rather than having them chosen for them by their parents. But then, my parents are Chinese immigrants, so in the community I knew the only acceptable career options were doctor, engineer, lawyer, or businessperson, in that order. I was told that I'd starve if I majored in, say, English. I went into electrical engineering and hated it, but I hated failure even more, so I ended up doing well in school and in my career. I'm still aggressively saving money to get out, though. Sometimes I wonder whether "do what you love" is a luxury that is unimaginable for people who came to this country with only $200 and a suitcase like my parents did.

I've had opportunities to get better positions and higher pay if I was willing to move far away from my family. (Sisters, parents, cousins etc). I chose not to and stayed with the same company for many years. I am glad that I did stay close to family. That is something that was important to me. As for my job... I don't love it and I am looking forward to retirement. It's an OK job ..but after 30 years the "Wow" factor is just not there. As for a title. I don't care about that. They could call me bum too.. Just pay me well and treat me with respect and I'm fine.

I'm still in the first job I could get out of college that would pay the bills...I don't love my job but I don't hate my job.

I plan to find something I love more but it is hard to give up amazing benefits like 6% matching on my 401k, medical, vision, dental, and life insurance for free, no more than 40 hours a week, free time at work, 25-30 minute commute to work instead of the hour most people in Houston seem to have, and supervisors who love me since I'm really great at what I do...I might like my job more than I thought I did. :-)

On the rest of the points, I would totally choose a job based on pay if the pay was high enough and I wouldn't absolutely hate the job...maybe that's selling out, but I could retire quicker. I think it's a solid trade-off.

I wouldn't ever choose a job based on the title or because of my parents, but if management shuttled me somewhere, I'd take it until I found something else.

As much as MasterPo hates to repeat himself, this time he will:

Title means EVERYTHING!

In addition to authority as previously outlined, in social circles your title will be a big indicator to people about your level of work and career success. It's not a perfect indicator by any means. But it's a fact.

Even more so, when the time comes to look for another job people (recruiters, managers, HR etc) are going to leap to conclusions about you, your experience, your worth, even your character based on your title. May not be fair but it's truth.

whats the big deal about title every one cant be a doctor or lawyer so what if your a garbage man we need garbage men as long as a person carries him self with pride people need to stop being so shallow and grow up.
I know police officers and lawyers who are not worth spit and are definitely not worth my respect,and i definitely don't respect people who don't respect me.
when it comes to a job just try to do the best you can, every body is not that lucky some of us find it hard to even get a job so doing what we love is out of the picture.

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