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January 07, 2010


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Thank you FMF for using your blog to make an impact on the world. I salute you!

Wow, that's fantastic!


That's truly impressive.

I must apologize for writing the earlier post about not preferring to give to organized charities. It seems sort of crass when I see a post like this so I feel a bit ashamed thinking about it.

Keep on trucking FMF!


Mike --

Thanks. And don't worry about the earlier post. I know your heart and that you look for different ways to help others outside the normal, organized charity route.

Great job.

Presumably all of your sponsors feel that they receive a net financial benefit from their ads or they wouldn't do it. Thus this website is a Win/Win for everyone concerned. I wonder if every reader sees the exact same ads or are some of them targeted individually through our different internet providers.

Old Limey --

I can't speak for the Google ads (they are supposedly targeted to the content), but the others are seen by everyone.

I'm just happy my charity (second harvest heartland) made the list after I won last year's march madness.

kudos for running such a great site, and using it for the betterment of others!

FMF - way to go! We can all take a lesson from you: just use the resources at your disposal - what you know, do and have - to make a difference in the lives of others.

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