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January 31, 2010


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Thanks for the post this morning. Too many times we get caught up in earthly desires. We can't take our stock portfolios with us when we die but we can meet up with the brothers and sisters in Heaven that came to know Christ through us. Thanks for the challenging post.

What exactly are "treasures in Heaven"? It seems the concept of Heaven is a binary operator, ether (0) you go to Hell and are tortured for all eternity, or (1) you go to Heaven and are with God for all eternity. Or is there going to be a hierarchy in Heaven with those who did better Christian work on Earth being closer to God and those that did marginal Christian work being regulated to the slums forever?


Great post!! I'm getting ready to teach on this very topic next week for a group of Young Married Couples at church. It's so counter intuitive, but the looser the grip we have on our money the more God *usually* blesses and sends more. I really believe we need to consider ourselves to be conduits of grace where are money comes from God through us to others.

@Chad - A recent sermon our pastor did talked about treasure in heaven as being our "capacity for joy". We will all be filled up to our capacity for joy, but those who did greater work on earth get more capacity for joy in heaven.

Great article! I agree we should "filter" our decisions through the lens of the eternal. It is amazing how possessions add up and before you know it you have a house full of clutter. Strive for simplification.

(Author of Dollars and Doctrine) Glad you all liked the post. Always encouraging to hear positive feedback.

Ben - I answer that question in another part of the Chapter "Eternity" in Dollars and Doctrine. You should pick up a copy ;)

I really appreciate your statement that this is more of a sanctification process and has nothing to do with salvation. I think that point is often understated.

MasterPo doesn't think G-d is keeping a running tab on how much $$$ we give to others.

For that matter, what is more "heavenly": To give to someone else, or, to use your resources to care for your own family and charges?

MasterPo will not attempt to speak for the Higher Authority, but there is the old saying the charity begins at home...

great article!!!!!!!!!

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