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January 11, 2010


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Looks great!

Noticed the logo over the weekend, but not the entry for it until now.

Yes, I think that's a nice logo. Congrats on five years of successful blogging.

I like it too, but don't forget to change your favicon!

Love the blog and the new logo!

As others have said, the new logo looks great!

I didn't notice until it was commented on in a post, but I'm the least observant person ever. Looks good!

I like the new look too. And I was wondering where you came up with the blog's name. . . now I know!

looks and feels great.

I'm surprised I actually noticed it a few days ago... since my s.o. doesn't seem to think I'm very observant, haha. I'll have to see if I can be the first to notice once you start rotating headers :)

Nice. Be sure to change it on aggregate sites like the Money Tips Network:

I noticed it as well.

FMF, your marketing DNA is starting to express itself! I can tell you are naturally talented at this, both based on the output and the thought process that went into this.


Great graphic! I love your choice and rational.

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