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January 19, 2010


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I love SMI! I have never been a subsciber however. I'd love to give it a try!

I'm in! Thank you!

I wasn't familiar with SMI until reading the posts here. I'm definitely interested...

I would like to try SMI out!

I want to win

I'm looking forward to hearing the upgrading strategy. I'm not an overly patient person.

Why not. I wonder if I will win.


I am in.

Sounds very interesting, I really like the idea

Sounds good.

I've been doing the simple approach for years, even thought I spend more than an hour a year. I use Vanguard funds but have chosen a few different types, some growth, some value, some just regular 500 index. Overall, I think I've done at least as good as the general market. Of course I'd like to do better. Please sign me up to win a free subscription ;-)

If it's retirement, "just the basics" can be done with something as simple as Target Retirement type funds. Select the age-appropriate fund and buy that.

As for upgrading, well... I don't know what's involved because it requires subscription (which I don't want to pay), but anytime you start talking about perhaps out-performing the market, and you're talking about some pretty dangerous stuff. This is doubly so if you're trying to sell the idea to beginner and/or passive investors for real money.

But who knows, maybe I'm just being too skeptical without taking a good look. But as a fellow passerby who is not trying to sell anything, please remember the well-worn phrase, "Caveat Emptor". Even the brightest minds and best of intentions is not always enough to out-perform the market.

I'm in!

I am in.

Many times simple is better!

me too.

I am also in. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for the chance

I really need to revise my investments since I am now in retirement

Yes, please.

OK...sounds good

SMI is a great source for solid financial advice.

Thanks so much- I would appreciate this.

I win the internets!

I'm in.


I'd like to win

Count me in again.


The 'Just-the-Basics' portfolio sound a lot like the Second Grader's portfolio from Alan Roth. I have been using that as a blueprint for about a year now. I caught the market at the bottom when I moved my money around to do this and the returns last year were great. I will be interested in how it does going forward.

But I like the idea of someone looking at my mix and giving me advise, so count me in for the giveaway.

Help, I know I'm way too conservative, and could use some objective guidance. And if its written for a 2nd grader all the better.

I'm in!

I,ve subscribed in the past and found SMI to be excellent.

I'd like to see that upgrading strategy.

would be neat to try out

I'd like to try this

The newsletter sounds like a great strategy.

Would love to win this!

This giveaway is now closed.

The winner is CPA Abroad who posted on January 19, 2010 at 12:12 PM

CPA please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your prize. Congrats!

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