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January 03, 2010


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Great insights! I came to many of the same conclusions when I studied contentment in the Bible. God wants our hearts devoted to knowing, serving, and loving Him - not money.


Simple, Notify your credit card of this fraudulant act. It's happening to everyone, i had to go a round with experian when they attempted to charge me monthly for a credit review service, The CC co will help you. You have rights as a customer against fraudulant merchant actions


Thanks for the reminder! Wealth itself is not bad, but pursuit of wealth can easily become consuming.

I am wearied by many scams that sell the stories that 1) you deserve to be rich and/or 2) you should try to become rich so that you can help others.

Thank you for writing this! Finding balance between money and faith is something I often struggle with too, but I found this nice summary was very helpful!

The Love of Money do you have a hard copy?

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