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January 17, 2010


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IMHO, most of these passages suggest material affluence is irrelevant to spirituality. Your final quotation from Paul (1 Tim. 6:3, 5-7) seems to say that true prosperity -- "great gain" -- is a spiritual state.

The OT passages in the first set of quotations, set in context, actually suggest the same thing. Those who attain material prosperity through underhanded or outright evil means fool themselves (and those who envy them) in thinking they possess real wealth, for when they pass to the other world they will find that, lacking spiritual understanding, they possess nothing.

Funny about Money: I agree. That is what this excerpt is pointing out: that true riches are found in Christ not a bank account. Sadly, some Christians blur the lines between the riches of Christ and the riches of this world. Tune in next week for the "poverty gospel" and I think you will like my conclusion. It is along the lines of what you are hinting at.
Also, I think I know what you mean when you say that "material affluence is irrelevant to spirituality." I think we are on the same page, but I would add that often the way we handle our money speaks volumes about our spiritual condition ("Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"). So, I think I get you, but your wording could easily be distorted from what I think you meant? Do you get what I am saying?

Prosperity theology is not sound.

If someone were to be materially blessed because of
their righteousness and furthering the kingdom,
then why wasn't Paul materially blessed?

But then, perhaps you are more righteous
and have done more to advance the kingdom
than Paul, that is why you should be

Righteousness and financial reward are
not connected.

I've always wondered:

What happened to all those gifts of gold and silver etc that were given to the infant Jesus and family?

Thank you so much for posting the truth on this topic. Too many preachers are out there leading people astray with false "blab it and grab it" gospels. :/

Excellent article. Too many churches and Christians think that Christianity's goal is to achieve a better, more prosperous life. Christianity is about salvation and about the glory of God.

The Joel Osteen "best life now" message is deceiving multitudes of people. I encourage everyone to take a hard look at Matthew 7:21-23. Many who profess Jesus as Lord are not saved. Remember, the demons profess Jesus as Lord. Examine yourselves and work out your salvation with fear and trembling!

Master Po: Great Question. I'll answer it on my blog late this week or early next. Check it out @

Thanks for posting this. It always disturbs me when Christians act like God and/or Jesus is like an ATM.

Well, I believe there is prosperity in being a Bible based Christian, however that does not stem from some form of 'magic" it stems from a future orientation among Christians.

One generation does well, the next does better as long as each successive generation remains Faithful and does not squander the previous generations inheritance.

Yes I see alot of so called CHRISTians not fullfilling there even existence on Earth. Which is preach the gospel the good news and the news is not getting rich quick but someone does love them and someone will not look at their faults and failures and that someone will pick them up when they fall even if its every second of the day and that someone is Jesus. I know God wants us to be blessed but only to bless others and to show that there is a loving Father who will take care of you and not to worry. So many people re-think the scriptures as a financial one. God doesnt want us to suffer in a sense of failing because He tells us not to worry that He will provide and everyone who failed in the Word was of their own choices and not Gods. God said He will provide but He didnt say He will provide where you'll be rich to show off He will provide for you so you can provide to others.

My whole life has been marked...from the "prosperity" message. While I have disappointment and disagreement with many/most applications of the principles of prosperity that the leaders share, I equally read exerpts like these and realize how many opponents are out of touch by own prosperity gospel assumptions and thier defense toward something else. There are tons of things here that are assumed positions of belief in the prosperity message that are NOT heralded or believed by the "prosperity" leaders in the way that is written here. I can't defend many of the things that the prosperity leaders say either in thier interpretations and illustrations. But then to say what 20smoney says in questioning Joel Osteen's salvation is incredible to me. I would think Christ would want us to keep dialogue open and discussion alive about these type things rather than hurling divisive, harsh, elistist comments that actually shut down any intellegent dialogue...just sayin'!

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