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January 18, 2010


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Excellent tips. Just about everybody COULD earn more money if they had the motivation and actually made it happen. It could take one of the forms that you described above.

My blog has essentially been an experiment in attempting to create a second income stream. It's a long term process, but I'm definitely seeing growth and at the same time generating a few hundred bucks a month which is great. Hoping to turn it into a few thousand a month within a year or so.

Great post. Thanks.

This is a good summary.

@29smoney - great comment in your first paragraph. I started a side business and after several years it really took off. What I learned is you can earn as much money as you want, the big caveat is that you also have to work for it. This means committing the time. There are times I pass on work simply for lifestyle reasons.

A couple of tips I have are:

-First you just need to step out and try some side work. Do anything that makes a profit or breaks even. You may find a money maker that wasn't part of your original plan.

-Remember it takes time to build a business and reputation so don't quit your day job.

-Finally, never go into debt.

Superb tips. It takes time and effort, but it`s worth it.

I agree with the premise, except one line about 'side businesses':

"...2. your hobbies (think bike repair, creating and selling crafts, dog sitting for pet lovers, etc.) This will take more effort for less reward than #1..."

This is not true at all! The reward may not be financial, but the reward of doing something you love is by far and away more important. further, I've found that pursuing something I love also gives me more pride in that which I am doing, and makes my work much more focused and goal-driven. For example, I'm putting together a website for my family tree. This won't make money (in fact, I pay for web hosting, so I'm losing it), but it a) furthers my development in PHP, Perl, HTML, and MySQL and b) provides me with a challenge for which I am constantly racking my brain, because I am so engrossed in what I'm doing.

Coming from a lower-income family and, at 24, making more money than both of my parents combined, I realize that I can be happy without making more -- I was happy when I was 12 and we were broke. I'd rather be rewarded with happiness than money, if I could only choose one of the two. If your happiness only comes through money, then the article was right about #2 above. I don't think this holds true generally.

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