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January 05, 2010


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I will love to win!


Cool beans!

Perhaps this time...

i follow fmf

still trying to win this!

I'd like a copy!

I'll try again!

I hope it's my turn finally!

Yes please.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I would definitely love to win this!Thanks for the opportunity

I would love to win! Thanks for the offer

Pick me!

I could really use this. Fingers crossed.

I would like a copy!


Thanks FMF!!!

Thank you!

Would love to win this.

I'd like a copy of it

I would love to win this.

I want a copy too!

I NEED a copy!!!

OhMan..I would love love love this..(I need a budget) YNAB come on!!! and thanks for the chance,, never know
this could do it..
And thanks for this great web site that I read daily ,wouldn't miss's attached to my coffee cup..good luck to everyone.

We're such lucky readers!

I would love to win this. Awesome site.

Trying again...

Honestly, I usually don't even play these giveaways. Seems to me they should go to the regular readers, no fellow bloggers but here is one I need to win. I am too frugal to spend the money but our home based budget managed to lose $6K last year, go figure.

sign me up!

Another great giveaway; thanks FMF!



Pick me!

Maybe I'll win!! Nice!

This would be a great start to the new year!

I would be totally thrilled to get YNAB! My husband and I have been working for the past 6 months to get better control of our finances.

Count me in! Thanks!!

I would like to see what it can do that I don't already.

maybe now???

Thanks, FMF!

great site

We'll see what comes around.

Yay - another chance! I'd love to win a copy of YNAB.


I would love a copy of YNAB! I don't have a clue how to begin! Thanks for the opportunity!

Perfect time of year for this!

INAB! Thanks!

I would YNAB to good use.

Hopefully whoever needs it most, wins.

I would love to get YNAB!

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