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February 17, 2010


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My now-husband did this when he was renewing his lease on his apartment last year. He originally leased the apartment for $985 back before the real estate market went to pot. He had noticed around renewal that while they were advertising comparable 1-bedrooms for $875, they were also advertising smaller 1-bedrooms for $799. Since this was when the real estate market was really shot about a year ago and my husband was a good tenant, he asked if his renewal rate could be $799. Surprisingly, he got it with no fuss from management. A few days ago, he got a renewal notice from mgt and they want him to renew for $849 PLUS pay $40 A MONTH for a washer dryer (prior to this, they had given him a deal when he first rented where they didn't charge him for it). The going rate on comparable apartments is still $875+$40 washer/dryer, but I want him to haggle with them considering he's been a good paying tenant for 2.5 years running. They might not budge, as their occupancy is ~95%. Doesn't hurt to try though.

Congrats on the savings! It feels good, doesn't it?

We rented a 550 sq.ft. efficiency 1 bedroom apartment in Houston for $399 a month in 2005. Our renewal notice was for $475...I asked them to take a look at our apartment (to see how well we took care of it) and talked them down to $429 for another 6 months. Then we moved out to a much larger place.

I remember being so proud of my 22 year old self...I felt like a true adult. :-)

Just goes to show, anything is negotiable!


Good tenants are gold. So is cash, anyone who has extra cash and is renting can almost always get huge discounts for prepaying, especially these days when the other tenants (and the landlords!) are having cash flow issues. This isn't something that would be advertised, you have to ask.

Just got off the phone with ATT Uverse. To keep me from switching to Dish or Comcast they reduced my bill by $30 per month for 6 months. Took 12 minutes to save $180 bucks.

Another area that the action of asking benefits is the credit card realm. Every couple of months, I call the credit card company that issues my card and request a credit limit increase and/or a decrease in my interest rate. The worth they can say is "no" after all.

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