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February 17, 2010


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I'd suggest that the submitter actually respond to questions in the comments section or post an update. It's always more informative and fun when the submitter gets involved.

That's a good suggestion, Crystal. I added it.

Awesome! :-)

My Name is Sunny and i am an indian passport holder. I am canadian immigrant. I have a nice job in middle east with pay of 90K US$ tax free. My job is good and i am happy.
I have been to canada to look fro jobs, but situation is not good. Most of my firends are suggesting i give up my residency (green card)and not go to canada ever, while some say it is good to give up your job and live there for 3 years and get a great passport.
Any suggestion - Original Canadians response prefered.


Go wherever the sun shines brightest :)

how much money are you supposed to pay to a creditor on an old bill if you make below poverty level

Most whole life policies seem to be aimed at the young. I am 60 years old and wish to know if whole life is for me. I have a 20 year term for 100K and am contemplating purchasing a 50k whole life as an investment in the event I pass 80 years. Also, it seems to be a good investment for my children and grandchildren. The 50k would cost me $2025 yearly. Is this a smart thing to do? Other than YES from insurance agents, I'm still question this? Help please!

Tony --

I'll post your question in mid-October. Come back then to see the responses.


Whole life policies are generally cheaper than term policies. I don't know what your situation is like, but it has to be noted that the premiums will increase every year, and in the US inflation is likely to sky-rocket in the next decade due to "money-printing," unemployemnt, debt issues etc. so you will have less buying power in your retirement.

As a financial planner, my opinion is: if your want an investment - get the investment (assuming that the 100k you have now is enough to cover debts, taxes etc.)

Also important to note is that extra life cover at age 60 will probably be very expensive.

In a marriage, when a bcbd trust is set up, does only one partner have control of that trust or can both partners have equal control of the trust/

Jill --

You're not going to get meaningful legal advice here...

Robert --

I'll post your question in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.

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