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February 03, 2010


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Monopoly was my favorite but I imagine that dates me.
My son was telling me that his family plays Monopoly and his 9 year old daughter always seems to win.
Maybe she takes after me, my son sure doesn't.

I've always enjoyed the Sid Meier Railroad Tycoon games--and even the current boardgame. They reward financial responsibility and good fiscal management. It's easy to start building everything on credit by issuing bonds (or, in the board game, by issuing stock), but if you don't get those paid off and start getting profitable, it's the road to ruin. Unlike the empire games, you don't want to build too much too soon--you need to start small, get profitable, and expand when you can afford to.

In other words, use the James J. Hill approach!

I think the absolute king of money in video games is a little something something called EVE Online.

This thing is insane. Besides basic tutorials on how to play the game, how you advance and make your fortunes in outer space is entirely up to you. Be a miner, be a courier, be a pirate, be a bounty hunter, run missions, join corporations, so on and so forth. Whatever you want, but you'll know depending on whether or not you make money and how much.

It even has a working, player-dictated, auctions-driven commodities market.

Earn enough virtual money, and you can exchange it for time cards to extend your subscription, which roughly translates to real money.

I'm sure this isn't new by now, but playing Starcraft well can make you a rock star in South Korea. Of course, their players there are just insane over there. Many players are measured in clicks-per-minute, and some have up to ten times CPM over an average player. Starcraft is so big there that Blizzard even unveiled Starcraft II in Seoul, during a national Starcraft tourney.

But yeah, I love all those kinds of games too, and yes, they definitely teach you the basic of managing resources.

My husband still plays Age of Empires. We both enjoy playing European board games like Power Grid. Resource management games really are a little lessons in finance.

Woot for compound interest!

There are some hardcore Warcraft & Starcraft players out there, and yes - a number are in South Korea!

I remember 8 years ago playing and thinking that I was pretty good, then went online and got my ass kicked in 5 minutes by a 9 year old Korean kid who cursed at me in English & Korean when coming over to attack.

Since then I stopped playing and spent more time working.


This is awesome. I personally love all the Sim games and think of my blog as my own SimBlog where I am trying to build a large following through good postings. It's fun learning all the ways to market a blog, network, and keep readers interested.

At a high level, you need to create that connection between player and game that stimulates the brain to a level of total immersion into the storyline and characters that are developed throughout the online experience
Here are a few ideas that can get you started:
1. Character development – your online game will need to have a multitude of character personalities to choose from. How you develop the character and their approach to the story is critical in helping them become the extension of the player. Once the characteristics and personalities are established, the designer needs to continue the personality throughout the entire game.
2. Compelling Storyline – Fantasy, Historical Battle situations or Medieval conflicts are among the many areas that can serve as the basis for the tale and premise the game is based on. Whether the situation is an interplanetary invasion or a journey to the center of the earth, your story must hold the interest of the player and the mission they are signing up for.
3. Environment simulation – Once the characters and storyline is developed, the simulated locations must be tied into the areas to complete the vision. Players insert themselves into the characters, the mission and will visualize the specifics of the locations in their minds before picking up the controller. Your graphical environment must deliver on that promise and expectation to make the final link to the online game enthusiast.

Video games: Civilization, some Age of Empires (on which I had my ass kicked in a similar story as Mike's). To a lesser extent board games such as Risk, Monopoly, etc.

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