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February 16, 2010


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Interesting findings. As I read the results I wondered if these business leaders even made their employees aware of specific profit making behaviors they look for. If an employee knew that their boss really listened and look for their ideas would that change their work performance? I would also be interested in results if employees ot teams came up with a profit making idea....would they be rewarded in their wallets? Good post!

Coming in before your boss and leaving after the boss only works if your boss is not a workaholic. Not worth it if your boss is crazy and works 12 hour days.

This is an excellent study and article. Thanks!

I disagree with the non-value-added techniques that supposedly don't do anything, especially nbr 5 "becoming visible".

I have seen many, many people over the course of my career who did nothing to add value to a company but who are very visible given promotions and people who added value being let go because they didn't fit what management expected (whatever that was).

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