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March 15, 2010


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After former President Bill Clinton's recent episode requiring a stint, I heard a heart doctor on the TV talking about stress and they were wondering if Clinton's busy schedule and all his stress from his current activities could have contributed to his second heart episode.

The doctor flatly refuted that notion. He said that people don't get heart attacks from staying active, they get heart attacks from sitting on the couch.

He then said that there are many kinds of stress and the stress of a busy schedule or busy life is not what contributes to heart disease. The stress that contributes to heart disease is the kind that leaves you paralized because life's circumstances have you trapped and there seems to be no way out. Like losing your job and having no way to provide for your family.

So yes, it seems that the kind of stress that comes from financial problems is exactly the kind of stress that will KILL YOU. Removing stress that can kill you certainly seems like a good thing so I think you are on to something there.

If you use that extra money to buy daily bacon double cheeseburgers then maybe its a wash. :)

Just from observation, I've seen that stress will certainly kill you whether it results from finances or other situations not related to finances, i.e., family members, job situations, to name a few. In my opinion; however, I would rate finances at the top.

I've seen friends age 10 years in a few months when their financial lives are up in the air. Stress is a killer.

I don't know whether having money problems will shorten your life, but it is sure a lot more fun to have money than not have it.

I think financial stress shortens your life...ESPECIALLY if you're poor. Poor people don't have enough money to really get good medical care, and they'll wait til they're on their last legs to go to the hospital because they can't afford regular doctor visits. So they wait until there is an absolute emergency to go get medical help, and by then, the damage is usually done. And all the stress about not having enough money to survive puts strain on your body. So yeah, I bet people who are not financially well off lead shorter, more stress-filled lives.

Yes, financial security can definitely add years to your life.

All other things being equal (same health, same quality relationships) - if Person A is financially secure, and Person B is not - Person A will likely be healthier. This individual will have less stress, be able to engage in a healthier lifestyle, be able to live in more comfortable accomodations, and might be able to work not just for survival but for a higher-level purpose.

All other things being equal, of course:)

The role that money plays in people's lives, and how it impacts their lives in numerous ways, is a fascinating topic.

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