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March 02, 2010


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I disagree on the cover letter - especially if you don't have a contact at the company or if it is requested by the company. A friend of mine just helped another friend apply at his company and a cover letter was requested - when the applying friend didn't send in a cover letter it didn't look very good and she didn't get the job.

A well-written, carefully typed, error-free resume cover letter should immediately set the application apart from the average application you receive.


Yes, I would say if a cover letter is "requested" or "required," of course, one should take the time to do it. But, if that's not the case...which has been true for a large part of my job search, then I wouldn't waste the time with one.

As a hiring manager I typically get a stack of resumes from HR stripped of the email letter or cover letter. Cover letters are nice but the resume is what gets you the interview. The interview is what gets you the job.

"List the accomplishments, achievements, results that are relevant to the employer."

Bingo! Not how you saved the company $X by pointing out an inefficiency when you were a nurse. It's nice, but it's not why they are hiring you.

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