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March 08, 2010


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Did you really mean to say there are a ton of 25 year olds who hire workers of all ages?

35 year olds sure, and some 30 year olds yes, but 25 year olds? Maybe I haven't been at the right companies or industries, but I have never encountered a 25 year old in a position to hire anyone at any company I have ever been at.

A 50 year old getting hired by a 30-35 year old is still quite intimidating but honestly if I was 50 years old and had to get hired by a 25 year old, unless I was desparate, I would probably pass. Most 25 year olds don't know enough to know what they don't know and working for them could prove fairly challenging.

I just go with the style the interviewer uses. If they are really formal, than I am formal. If they are laid back, then I'm laid back. It's worked for me so far.

As a fifty something, it would be really awkward to be interviewed by a 25 year old. I remember what I knew when I was 25 (much less than I know now). But you have to go with the flow if you need to job bad enough, and do whatever it takes to your foot in door, including keeping the "Dad knows best" instincts in check.

Don't be an ageist folks...don't be an ageist. ;-)


Not sure who that was directed at but if it was directed at comments like mine I will state the fact that it is not sexist to point out the obvious difference in the sexes even if some people think it is, they are wrong. And it's not ageist to point out the obvious differences in perspective between a 25 year old who has a lot of gusto and very little experience and a 50 year old with a little less gusto and a lot more experience.

Gusto is over-rated too.

I am agree with your point, being too much formal also bad for your job interview, its better to be friendly with your interview but within limits. I would like to add one more point that, never lie to to your interviewer it may you to bad impression.

I say just be yourself. Who would want a job where you had to pretend you "think like a young person". If you just keep the focus on the job and your abilities to do the job, you'll do better. Be friendly, but don't act like you'll be hanging out together. If they need to know where your heads at, let them know that your a 50 year old that acts like a 50 year old. Decent, responsible and professional. If thats not what their looking for then your not the person for that job.

I'm now 27, but I've been in management for the past 3 years. I've become acclimated to being the youngest person at work and in attendance at networking/ convention functions. One thing I'm sure I'll get grief for, I've given numerous interviews, but I've never once been interviewed. I've hired people on average at least 15+ years my senior. Now, these aren't the people who are going to be reading these posts or trying to further their careers, but they are office level positions.

Someone that was recently hired in another department here (p.s. whose daughter is my age) had to have a few tutorials on how to send an email (we use outlook) and be instructed on minimizing windows to get to your other programs or to the desktop. She even came from working at a doctor's office scheduling appointments and answering phones. So even though you may keep up with technology, there are those that don't.

I'm not against hiring someone twice my age, so they shouldn't be against working for someone half their age or I'll find someone else that will. I try to find the best fit for the position, regardless of age. Doesn't it make you at least narrow minded or even an ageist to automatically dismiss the idea?

I've always been the youngest for my grade since school (skipped 4th grade and graduated high school at 16 / college at 20) so am used to interviewing people much older than me... Chemistry has a part to play and some things were never meant to be. That said, one of the gripes I've had is that when interviewing older and more experienced people, their ego is quite high and sometimes they don't seem to listen to my questions, even after repeating.

If you stay alert and humble you will do well nevermind your age. I try to practice what I preach, but who knows... I may end up getting shot down by a 25 year old in 15 years, at least I hope I'll remember what it was like when I was sitting across the table!


Yea, I guess if I was trying to get a job with Facebook or some company like that, then the chances of being interviewed by someone 25, 24, even 23 years old is probably a very commonplace thing.

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