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March 25, 2010


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Great post - the issue of being formal first and going informal upon request is actually more important as one moves in international circles. Many languages still make a formal and informal "you" distinction, so as their language describes and helps drive their culture, they will think along those lines. I've found that the simple act of saying Mr or Ms, even in email, sets a good professional tone in which future good relationships are built.

If the person seems closed off, just let it go and chalk it up to experience. You’ll find though that most people will be friendly and eager to talk with you. That’s one of the misconceptions many shy or introverted people have, they think they’re bothering others or that the person won’t want to talk to them. In reality, most people are social and friendly—if you know how to start a conversation!

Tip #4 is really important for me. The initial handshake tells a lot to me about the person I am meeting with. And this is where first impressions are built.

Handshakes are really important to me too...a limp handshake puts me off.

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