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March 09, 2010


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Clark Howard is another. He's got a radio show and TV show on CNN.

I've learned a lot from Bob Brinker's radio show (seems to have a really investing /macroeconomic-smart audience), which is a nice change from the recycling of the same advice to the all the callers that you seem to get from Ramsey and Orman.

I can't think of anyone you missed. The Automatic Millionaire is the only personal finance book I've ever read and enjoyed.

I listen sometimes to financial advisor Ric Edelman on Saturday mornings on WMAL- AM 630 in Washington,DC. Besides giving good financial advice, he is also very funny. I have also read several of his books, The Lies about Money and Rescue Your Money.

No Clark Howard? Seriously? He is the BEST financial guy out there!

Oh, and Robert Kiyosaki has reported to be a scamster. I would take him off your list. I heard that he confessed that his whole life story detailed in his book was made up. All he does now is screw poor poeple out thousands of dollars.

That smackdown is kind of sensationalistic and really not worth participating in, though I admit I did get a cheap giggle out of it.

All of these personal finance "experts" have something to offer, and it's really just a matter of taste I think. Except for Kiyosaki, whom I honestly believe has horrible advice.

I think Clark Howard should be in the list as well. Ironically enough, I don't think he gets mentioned too often because there isn't anything particularly controversial about him.

Author and Planner Ray Lucia is a "Good one", maybe the best! Orman, Howard (his planning aspect, not the rest of his show/material), Ramsey are very basic and suited for those with little or NO knowledge only, I'm surprised at their audiences! Orman is a great marketer of herself, not much of knowedge when it comes to presonal finance though...Kyosaki is a KOOK plaid and simple! Brinker is in the business to sell HIS news letters, his radio show now has little personal finance, it's mostly all political talk now, BIG difference from 10 years ago! Edelman has written some good books and like Lucia, a planner himself...

Some may look at Dave Ramsey as basic, but that is what most of America needs. The basics are not being followed by most. Some may not like his very direct approach either, but sometimes people need that wake up call.

Please do not associate that huckster Kiyosaki with expertise in personal finance. He is an expert in one thing: selling worthless crap to guileless people. Orman is not far behind. You want to read an PF expert who publishes online and isn't constantly trying to market himself or his products? Scott Burns.

I've got a few more for you, although they are not PF experts so much as highlighters of some of the trends happening around us that can relate to PF:

1. Mish

2. Karl Denniger

3. Ilargi from Automatic Earth

4. John Mauldin


I agree with Mike that John Mauldin's free newsletters (mostly other people's analysis) are very enlightening and provide an insightful analysis of the state of the word's economies.

As for TV personalities I think that Suzy Orman provides some good, easy to understand advice for people that don't do their own research. I wouldn't give a nickel to listen to Kyosaki, however I'm sure he and Donald Trump rake in a lot of money from their speaking engagements.

I think Clark Howard should be in the list as well. Ironically enough, I don't think he gets mentioned too often because there isn't anything particularly controversial about him.

I like Clark Howard. He gives great advice that I feel is useful to people like me. He's down to earth and easy to understand.

I like Susie Orman too. But her show seems to be geared more to those people that have poor money skills. ie those that are in dept or having trouble getting their finances in order. I don't think most of the people that read this blog would really have much need for her. Some of her show is silly. Like that part where people call in to get permission to spend money on something. Its silly to me I should say. I guess some folks really do need this kind of advice.

As for Kyosaki... he does come off as being a little shady... But even he has had a few articles that give you something to think about. I don't put much weight in what he says though.

dept = debt

I also vote for Ray Lucia and I like Clark Howard too, but more for his consumer advice.

Leaving out Clark Howard is inexcusable. He has much less of an ego than all the others. His advise is nearly alway spot on, but his website is terrible to navigate, and short on specifics.

Suze Orman's best advice is "People first, then money, then things" True wealth is not always just about money.

I think Ramsey is overrated. Don't burn me at the stake now!

Thank you for sharing information !! I have learnt lot from here. Here I really like Clark Howard. I always inspire with his great advice. and his advice is always useful and helpful for me. He is great man.

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