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March 10, 2010


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I work in HR for the FAA and 4.8% doesn't reflect the real amount of hiring that's going to be going on. Something like 60% of the government's workforce will be retirement eligible within the next decade or so. Finding enough qualified people to fill those positions is going to be a real challenge.

Some of those industries are growing slower than population growth. Population growth is ~1% per year so in 2016 you should have about 6% growth just due to increase in population.

Cool. Customer service is my specialty (sort of) and I've recently looked into social work...good back up plans.

When was this written? I'm not entirely sure this guy knows what he is talking about. As for biotech (my area), the pharmaceutical section has been hemorrhaging jobs like crazy. To the tune of more than 60,000 in 2009! 24% growth in the next 5 years? Get real. With all the mergers, the impending health care reform (or not, no one is really sure) and the lousy economy, we'll be lucky if there is any growth in the next 3 years.

vga --

Copyright for the book is 2010.

It must have actually been written back in early 2009 or late 2008, because like I said, biotech or at least the pharmaceutical aspect of it, isn't going anywhere for a while. Which really makes me sad, since that's my field that I spent years and years of time studying and training for.

My field of Biotechnology (Agriculture) seems to be growing well. I know that my company, and indeed my particular group, currently has several open positions.

I don't know about other fields, but I do know about law and government. I think it's kind of laughable for law and government to be on the list when jurisdictions are slashing jobs left and right. (City of LA is talking about cutting 1,000 people, Reno's transportation authority is cutting entire departments, City of San Jose's going through their 4th round of lay offs.) If you follow news in the law world you'd find lawyers are losing jobs by the thousands too and are advising people against going into law. Some joke about new Yale graduates that won't get anything better than doing administration work, assuming they're lucky enough to get hired. A Georgetown graduate recently put his diploma up for sale as a joke to vent his frustration.

Come to think of it, teachers are losing jobs by the thousands too.

A part of these statistics are not based on reality.

Course, there's no one to help those of us with special circumstances. I have incurable Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'm medicated, but that just lets me leave the house. I can't travel, I can't work with people, I can't work physical labor, and so on. I was denied disability because I can "watch a TV show". I do not want to, nor can I, move.

My career was niche (virtual reality development) and does not translate to other web or computer jobs. I'm 38, so already facing age discrimination in relationship to those right out of college.

I can't go to school- I have a degree and can't get a Pell Grant, and can't get a loan because my credit was destroyed by a former employer failing to pay me wages owed before going bankrupt.

I can't network, as I can't meet new people or go to new/strange places.

So I ask, what can *I* do to get income? Been working on it 8 years so far with no success.

Government's a growth industry? Not in my state. (and no, I don't live in California.)

I hope they're right about Accounting. That's what I chose to go back to school for, since my current degree is worthless and I haven't been able to find steady work for 5 years. I'll be starting this fall..whee! I sure hope it pays off.

To JaymEsch - Could you go back to school and just take one class at a time? I found out that if one already has a degree, you don't have to do all the GE stuff again, just the core classes for your major. I can't afford a full load, so I'm taking one class at a time, til I can afford more. It's better than nothing!

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