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April 12, 2010


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I'm partial to Pizza Hut myself.

Here's some of my money saving tips.
1) Decide on your education goals early on and work hard and diligently to meet them.
2) Get your career right the first time and stick with it.
3) Get your permanent relationship right the first time and be faithful - that can save a real bundle over a lifetime.
4) Marry a saver and not a spender.
5) Learn about investing rather than trusting it to others, design a fiancial plan, start investing as early as possible and make it a very high priority.
6) Live well within your means and encourage your spouse to do likewise.
7) Be the best employee you possibly can by being conscientious, diligent, and always striving for self improvement.
8) Avoid paying interest except for homes and cars.
9) Don't retire until you are debt free and have enough investments and income to maintain your lifestyle.
10) Avoid trying to keep up with the neighbors.

@old Limey
I second your list above; except. 1 and 2 are tricky, not everyone gets right the first time or three. Wish number 3 was easy but its not. But you are right. It can be costly and set you back.

That's some interesting advice from Jack Bogle. I've always heard that you should be allocated more heavily in bonds as you age, but I don't remember hearing about actual percentages.

My Roth is currently invested in a fund with a 10% bond allocation, so I may think about switching it into a few different funds.

I also read a book about early semi-retirement in which the idea is to live off the interest from a portfolio allocated to 40% stocks, 40% bonds, and 20% other miscellaneous categories. That might be another option worth considering.

Hey, Papa John's has premium ingredients!!! Well, for the most part... It's a stable in our family, nice quick and cheap!

John Schnatter's advive is really no secret. And it is actually the best philosophy to follow in order to survive a crisis. But come to think of it, crisis or no crisis, it is always better to be frugal.

The post by Old Limey is excellent, but I would add to No.7 - try and become self-employed, start a small business and progress from there.

I have run several business - all successful - and consider this definitely the way to go. My last business is a money-saving site -

Thank you FMT for such an excellent site.

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