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April 26, 2010


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Wow I'm famous. To give the post I left a little more context. I consider myself an above average employee, and happen to work with many people that I feel deserve a little more money. The difference was that I asked for it.

I really feel had I not gone through and systematically followed a plan to get a raise, and simply asked for one, I would not have recieved the results I did. I think it was especially important to give my immediate manager the tools for him to get me the raise within a fairly large company. Example: I proposed two different scenarios in which I'd assume more responsibility to justify the raise. In reality I was already doing the work, but I just made it part of a formal job description. My boss knew I was doing these things, but upper management I'm sure was unaware. My point is make it easy for the people in charge of approving your raise to justify the decision.

I also think it helps that I'm continuously taking opportunities to improve my knowledge in my chosen profession (Wealth Management). Besides having an alphabet soup of industry designations behind my name, including the Certified Financial Planner, I'm also pursuing an MBA at a respected college (85% complete). This continued education really casts me in a good light compared to my peers.


Nice work TL! My company is taking advantage of the employer's market right now, but I'm already getting documentation ready for my October review.

Congratulations, TL!

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