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April 29, 2010


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I think volunteering and giving back to your community together is a great way to bond and it's free!

I'm big on the picnics. My husband loves movie night. Good ideas.

My Fiance and I are big walkers. We're country folk who ended up living in the city (for now) so we try to get out to as many parks and waterways as we can. It's nice to get a few hours of entertainment without spending any money.

My hubby and I love to play board's our regular fun nite activity. Fun to joke around, be competitive, and can lead to more romance...

Often times you can get deals on tickets for sporting events or theatre performances, buying them from those who want to unload their tickets instead of losing money. Of course, this isn't likely to work with high-demand events, but it could work for other options.

For example, if your local professional sports team isn't in the hunt for a championship, you might be able to get some tickets for low cost. Of course there is parking and food to consider, but the point is that you can get to a quality event for a low cost sometimes. Not a "cheap" date, but an economical quality one.

That said, walks in parks, by a lake/river, beach etc - they're winners to me. Good conversation, fresh air, and time together. A recipe for success:)

Where I live you go to the library and "check out" memberships to local attractions like the local museums, zoo, and the local botanical gardens & sculpture park.

Sometimes they also have tickets to performances (ballet, civic theater, etc) and sporting events (baseball, hockey...) as well. The attraction memberships admit up to six people; the performances are usually pairs of tickets.

There are restrictions (like you can only visit each venue/event once per year) but there's no charge. You just check them out with your library card.

Stay home and have sex - fun and get's ya some exercise too ; )

Some of my best dates were ones where we just spent the day walking and having a picnic.

I don't need a man to splash a lot of cash to impress me anyone can do that but if they can make you laugh and are imaginative well that's worth a lot more.

How about stargazing for a frugal and romantic date? Almost every community has an amateur astronomy group that offers regular stargazing at a park, or a local observatory at a community college or university that has public nights, or a local museum that may have a planetarium or dome. Even schools that don't have astronomy majors have observatories and most of them have public nights. If you have a starchart app on your phone, even better, you can do it from your own back yard.

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