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April 10, 2010


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I have found that auctions are great places to find items to sell--especially if you live in a less-populated area. Without the extra competition from multiple resellers in the area, you can get really great deals. Garage sales can also be sources of great bargains that can be resold on Ebay. Be creative when thinking of ways to acquire merchandise.

This is equally applicable to starting a shop on Etsy if you are an artist/crafter or your own retail site. Treat it like a business and get organized, took me a while to learn that on Etsy but once I did things got a lot easier.

I buy and sell occasionally on EBAY but less frequently now. However, I can see that it has really become a power sellers site.

The trick is probably finding a good wholesaler. While I have to evidence, I am guessing the margin on items sold by most power sellers is quite low.

Yes, you can make money on ebay with the right items.

The one thing none of these "ebay business" stories ever talk about is: The fees!!!

The fees add up FAST and will KILL your business very very quickly!

Ebay charges when you list, when you sell, for the features to add to your auction to get people to notice, etc. And it may take many many listings before your item sells.

Then there is the payment fee from PayPal (the top way people pay for auctions).

And many so-called "powersellers" use 3rd part systems to manage their auctions and sales. Those aren't free either (not anymore, long ago they were).

MasterPo has yet to meet someone who truly makes a living (muchless a really good living) selling on ebay. If that ever happend MasterPo would love to audit his/her books. MasterPo is willing to be they don't account for many of the fees they are paying and they really don't have the cashflow they think.

You bet you can make money on ebay! The exciting thing is you can make a lot of money, if you really know what you're doing.

The most important part about making money on ebay is doing the proper research, a lot of "newbies" don't really know how to research properly so the end up and make rookie mistakes and loose money.

The next important ingredient to your success is finding things to sell AFTER you have sold everything in your house!

I only use Ebay for items worth more than $20 that I couldn't sell on Craigslist since Ebay and Paypal fees are so high.

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