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April 29, 2010


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Sir Topham Hat, at $2 billion...pretty impressive franchise, that Thomas the Train :)

While in fun, this brings to mind the potential value of a very good creative team, though of course it should be accompanied by skilled marketing and a viable distribution channel!

All men?!

What about Veronica from the Archie comics? Or Cruella Deville? Or La Traviata? Or that old lady who owned the Aristocats and lived in that ginormous mansion in Paris?

After all, in real life we have both Oprah and's not like only men are hugely rich!

The men rule because they had such a historical head start. Today there are many wealthy women, but none yet in the Top Ten simply because they have not yet had the opportunity to amass great wealth over multiple generations or even decades.

Ironman > Batman


what is up this list... where is Lex Luthor? He has a net worth of at least 10 billion.

Scrooge McDuck must be richer than that....all that gold, and the jewels
and cash in that enormous vault, HE wouldn't have much money in subprime,
unless he was short. I'd put him at #1. (How about Ebenezer Scrooge?)

Why doesn't the Tooth fairy fall under the Santa Clause Exception? I'm sure a lot of kids think (s)he exists too.

definitely would put scrooge at the top, that vault is huge, and he never spends any money unless it makes more money for him.
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Mr. Monopoly a.k.a. Rich Uncle Pennybags should be in there somewhere. Then again, maybe not after the housing crisis... (sorry, bad joke)

The most important character that's missing from the list, who should undoubtably be their as number is ... me.

I'll never be a billionaire. Might as well be a fictional one.

I think they have adjusted the fortunes for inflation or something. They talk about Clampets oil fortune increasing in recent years. And I'm sure Hurston Howell was only a 'millionaire' in the show.

MC, #8 is the tooth fairy who is most definitely female and #15 is Lucille Bluth. Men are over represented but thats not unrealistic. Theres only 1 woman in the top 15 in the real world. So the fictional top 15 list has 2 times as many women as the real list does.

isn't Carlisle Cullen married? (I've never read the books, but I thought so?) Is the assumption that it is all his money then?

Doesn't matter how rich these characters are. As soon as Robin Hood finds out how much wealth they have, he's going to go Obama on them and take it all.

I was thinking Million Dollar Man.....but I guess a million just isn't worth what it used to be....

@ Bad_Brad

I'm confused, have there been changes in tax policy I'm not aware of in the last year?

@ Anon - some minor ones but they are basically the tip of the iceberg - to pay for Stimulus I, the taxes on all of these folks are going to have to go up sooner or later. In terms of fiscal responsibility, Bush was bad, Obama is even worse.

@ Bad_Brad -- OK, I thought you were saying significant changes had already taken place. As this blog has stated time and time again, it is the difference between spending and income that is important. We could pay for it without increasing taxes by spending less in other areas, but I feel your suspicions are correct: this administration would never do that.

Where's C. Montgomery Burns?

Found him in the whole list of 15, sad he missed the top ten though.

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