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May 04, 2010


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You have spent a TON of time dealing with this issue, don't forget to consider that. I switched to a dish about 5 years ago and have never been happier.

I pay about $60 a month for 120 channels, HD, DVR, etc. The rate is always the same. Sure, I could switch back and forth to other companies and get their $29.99 promo rates, but $60 for the entertainment I receive seems well worth it, and I haven't had to call the dish company in 5 years.

They made it "right" didn't they? What could they have done to make you happy? Anything?

SJ --

They didn't really make it right. They inconvenienced me for what reason -- so I could pay the amount I actually owed? That's not really making it "right".

So, what could they have done to make me happy? A couple options:

*Waive any payment for the month (like they did last time)

*Extend my promotional deal a year (assuming I'd want to stick with them -- which I'm not sure I am)

GET an ANTENNA and be DONE w/ PAYING for FREE tv,... w/ DTV there are SO MANY sub channels, etc., in adddition to network broadcasts in most metro/urban area, and the DTV pic quality is SUPERIOR to cable/satellite...use a computer to "steam" shows from various websites too. Occasional need for ESPN, CNN, etc.,? Just go to a neighbors or sportsbar. I've had it w/ poor service, picture, follllow-upfrom monopolistic cable co's! FREEE tv is GREAT TV! Here in Portland, OR Metro we get about 25~ english and several spanish stations all FREE. All the time: Movie channels, weather channels, sports channels, religious, shopping, kids channles and all the major and MINOR networks including MYTV, CW, America One, Trinity, 3 Public stations etc., too!...

We're really happy with AT&T U-Verse. Comcast should have waived a month of service...they don't seem to understand what it takes to keep customers.

Jeff --

I watch Premier League soccer and somehow I don't think that can be seen via antenna.

I'd recommend DISH. I had them for about 8 years and it was fine. Never had any reception problems and anytime I hear of people with satellite and reception problems its been DirectTV not DISH.

America One Network (free and in many markets) carries soccer AND rugby but, I understand your dilemna. Imagine your Comcrap problem w/O a contact! I love baseball and instead use MLB.TV for my fix! ALL games, all home/away feeds, radio too! cheaper than cable and stream it to my tv via a simple HDMI cable from laptop to big screen. And 25~ free tv channels is mind numbing enough! Clark Howard's site ABHORS the satellite co's for service/biz acumen, Unless I'm very rural and have limited reception, FREE tv is BEST tv!

Jeff, Those of us who watch sports on any regular basis are not going to get what we want via an antenna or free internet service. I also can't just show up at my friends every other day and switch their TV over to the playoffs nor can I spend hours at a time sitting in a bar sipping a water and hoping that I get to watch the show I want to watch and am not outvoted by fans of the local team.

If you can find me a practical and free option to see the rest of the NBA playoffs then I'm listening. But I won't hold my breath. No the NBA broadband won't work due to blackouts.

With ALL MLB games via, a LOT of NFL on 3 FREE networks, soccer /rugby on FREE A1 network along with boxing too (!), local Blazer NBA games (about 1/4~) on local NBC affiliate, weekly NHL/NBA on free "here and there", I can't IMAGINE how MUCH time must be left? I'm HAPPY, ...the Internet makes it easy to get ALL of what you want (for me BASEBALL) and add FREE tv for the rest. Simple and cost effective so in speaking for THIS board is the key...For me that's BASEBALL, EVERY game, ALL games (cheap) and decent HD qulity streamed to the tv. I'm retired and haven't got THAT much time for tv anyway. Local sports bars here have a LOT of tv's for the many games too. Try the internet and an HDMI cable to your big screeen, WOW, it is THE future of tv (internet based/streamed) anyway ... G'Luck w/ it!

Jeff --

I'm interested in the English Premier League, not any available soccer game. If I was, I could go down to the local field and watch kids play.

I understand what you're saying and I do think that TV will be delivered differently in the future. But the reality is that what's available currently is limited in programming.

Jeff, Sorry, but for my teams it just doesnt' work for free. I wish I had access to a deal like MLB has, but my sports on my teams just don't have good free options. Seeing 1 in 10 games is not good enough and sports bars don't work. Its good that you can get what you want for free, but unfortunately I can't.

p.s. using all caps so much can come across with a tone of shouting or anger on internet forums

Don't get me wrong, I certainly agree with Jeff that free TV via antenna and internet is a great way to go and will save you a lot of money. Pay TV is a luxury. If you're in debt or if you're having trouble making ends meet then cutting cable is a good choice. Otherwise everyone should prioritizie their spending. Is free access to 100+ cable channels worth the $500-$1000 a year that it typically costs? Or would you rather spend that money on something you value more? Its definitely something to consider. Many people can easily meet their entertainment needs with an antennae, Hulu and maybe a Netflix subscription for much less than cable.

Comcast called YOU?

They called YOU? Seirously?


I wish I had a blog that was read heavily . . . seems to be the only way to get companies to do their job is to call them on their actions in public.

I'm envious.

I really want a Comcast contact too. :-)

One thing to keep in mind with DirecTV, if they send a technician to your house, your contract is automatically extended to 2 years from that date. If you cancel anytime during the next 2 years you pay an early termination fee. They used to not disclose this until you canceled, I have heard this has changed (see the BBB web site for a long list of complaints on this topic alone).

They may not have corrected this issue. The last I checked the BBB, they gave them a rating of B, it is now F

I would look to watching soccer on your computer.

I don't see why you think you deserve DVR+On Demand+Premium Digital Package for $19/month.

I can't get On Demand for anything less than their digital packages.

like many others, i really only have cable for all the sports programming. i used to have satellite but i couldnt resist the on demand services that werent availabe with direct tv. and when it comes to internet tv, i just dont think its the same thing. i dont want to sit in front of my laptop and watch a tv show. i love the fact that i can sit down after work on my couch and flip through channels with the click of a button.

As soon as we bought a home in a new neighborhood, we quickly jumped boats to AT&T u-verse---such a wonderful switch! We even got $200 in free gift cards for doing so. We also get a $10 discount for six months, and it is month-to-month, so we can switch our package/companies anytime we wish. But I have to admit, AT&T U-verse is awesome, their customer service is attentive, and the cable guy who came out even stuck around and showed me how to use my new remote, and gave me his personal business card/phone to call in case I had any questions!

We will never go to Comcast again:).

What section of the country are you? I've been tempted to switch but have not wanted to but up with the complications. comcast has mostly been okay with us, mostly. My bride had a contact with them ala FMF but he has left the company. hmmmm.

My promo pricing ran out last month. I put a call into Comcast yesterday just to see if there were any deals (I routed my call to the cancellation department, even though I did not intend to cancel) and they lowered my bill by $30 a month for the next 12 months. Not bad for a 10 minute phone call :)

You've discovered there's a reason Comcast is a periennal favorite in Consumerist's annual "Worst Company in America" contest. This year, they finally took the grand prize:

Their latest round of "we care, really we do" commercials is just more puffery and does nothing to fix their systemic customer service issues. In fact, I haven't seen them on Twitter recently, perhaps Comcast Frank got overwhelmed.

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