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May 25, 2010


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That's awesome! I plan on being there someday soon.

GREAT!! Are you happy? Does money bring happiness? How about reaching out to help someone? That will bring you and your wife the greatest happiness ever!

Good going. Congratulations to you.
What books did you read?

Wow, that's a great story! I concur with Carlos about giving back. I'd love to read another post from you some months from now about how you accomplished your next goal of helping others.

Hard work and motivation pays off. Thanks for sharing your story!

Truly Awesome. Would you say "I invested in relationships with people" was the most important? Is there one thing that was the most important? Do you think getting married changed your motivation?

Clearly your attitude changed and you went from a B or C employee to an A employee. The difference between C and A employees is minor changes but the compensation is substantially different.

Thanks everyone!

Concerning giving back:

My wife and I are serial givers - we are absolutely obsessed with it (I think to a fault sometimes). We give to our local church, other non-profits, but especially to individuals in need.
The computer I purchased at a yard sale for $5 and sold for $225 is being used to give back to others in a very creative way that I am super excited about.

I have taken that $225 and am making a couple other high ROI asset purchases in the next few weeks that should transform that money into (hopefully) something like $700-$800.
Once I have that money in hand, I am going to probably go to a local car auction and purchase a well-running used car. I will clean this car up and make a few repairs.

Then my wife and I will listen around for a little while and find someone who is pushing hard at life and really making a genuine effort to get ahead. I don't want this person to know who my wife and I are; except that I greeted them with a smile and tossed them the keys + title to a car (with a copy of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover in the passenger’s seat of course).

I absolutely CAN NOT wait until I get to do this (this will be a wonderful 25th birthday present)!

Hey Peter!

I have to jump into a meeting - but I wanted to quickly list a few of the books I read:

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University had the absolute biggest impact on my finances and my career:

Also check him out on Hulu (for free!) if you want some great financial (and career) advice:

Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez:

Your Money or Your Life

John Maxwell:

The Winning Attitude
Developing the Leaders Around You
Becoming a Person of Influence
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

Dale Carnegie:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Fantastic story Nate! Have you read "Linchpin" yet? You're now a linchpin where you previously weren't.

Without your "Money Makeover" knowledge, even if you had increased your income before, you likely would have succumbed to lifestyle inflation and wasted it all. Now you're on the road to FI and maybe even FIRE!

My wife and I made it past six figures a couple of years ago, paid off the house last year, and now we're saving buckets of money for that FIRE goal. Good luck in your journey - it seems you're now prepared for it. :)


You are so on the money with your comments. Relationship enrichment was probably the most important component for my career development; no - for my LIFE development. I truly have meaningful relationships in general (with family, friends, co-workers, business contacts, acquaintances etc.). The key was to stop focusing on ME (being selfish) and work toward being a person that people enjoy being around, a person they can trust, respect and can count on! I would say this is especially true considering I don’t think of myself as a very smart person (at least academically). I say all the time that my wife is way smarter than me in terms of shear academic ability.

A first place tie for most important would be control of our finances. My wife and I BOTH have strong control over our finances. Although I am currently the primary breadwinner*, we consider every cent that comes into our household to be both of ours. This allows us to both take ownership in our financial responsibilities and goals!

* Not for long! My wife just graduated with a master’s degree in special needs education (I am so proud!!!).

This site breaks on IE!?

Great story, and great re-focus of energy!

Sounds like you have picked a great spouse too! With the encouragement and support of a great spouse, you are really a unit/team of 2 trying to advance yourselves as instead of 1.

Kudos to you, and here's wishing you the best!!!

Great story. Shows that it takes time but it can be done.

Good job Nate.

Nice job. My only question is what is your work load like now? How many hours?


I work 50-60 hours a week onsite = just started with the company 2 months ago. I anticipate working 40-50 hours a week in the future with 2 days from home, 3 days onsite.

Congrats Nate! Uber-congrats on finding Stephy-poo!!! A fantastic relationship makes everything you do that much better...solid foundation and all that jazz, lol. Congrats!!!


Wow is all I can say after reading this.

Keep pushing hard and make those cylinders fire like you have been. Do well in/with your career, pursue your passion on the side like you have been, build and enjoy your relationships and do not forget to give give give! All the best to you and may your success continue to go and grow.

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