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May 08, 2010


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How about blogging on personal finance as a low cost hobby:)

this is a problem that is singular to women. I have never heard of a guy who likes shopping. Our vices are drooling over cars and gadgets that have shinny buttons(i am thinking of the nexus 1 and the macbook pro here). Fortunately this not a vice that you can indulge in all the time without the risk of living in a cardboard box in the next few years. They should have a shopaholics anonymous group for the addicted ladies :)

While I would not say that "shopping" is a vice of my husband's, he certainly spends proportionally more than me every month. When not at work, he is in the garage doing something. We spend a lot of money on various tools every month. I don't begrudge him - he uses them. And if he finds that the project he needed it for is over, he resells. However, if we were to cut the tools out of his life, it would be cutting the projects that he loves out of his life, too. So we budget for it. Sometimes I'm mean (I do the finances), but we just have to wait until we save for it.

Wifes best friend was a shop-a-holic. Clinical depression, looking for self worth, whatever you want to call it, part of her downfall in her marriage. She is now divorced,has a job, can't afford what she previously did in buying clothes she did not need for herself or her kids. She now shops at the salvation army and has to watch every penny. Quite a change and in some case for the better.

Kind of makes me think about people who go to casino's knowing that the odds are stacked against them. Similar maybe.

People like kt above may find the word shopping synonymous with "mall" and "clothing" and therefore "female," but the verb "to shop" just means to examine some good or service with the intent of purchasing it. It doesn't matter what is being purchased (cars, computers, video games, books, craft supplies, clothes.) It's still shopping. I know plenty of guys with large DVD or video game collections the cost of which would rival some women's closets.

A hobby is fine and one that requires more time than money sounds great, but it doesn't address the underlying reasons for why a person shops. Without addressing those reasons, a "shopper" will still easily find ways to spend just as much money on the new hobby.

I might be in the minority here but I basically only shop when i need something. Your point about the mall being a social event is dead on though. Its a cheap(if not shopping) way to spend an evening with friends. But, if you know you have a problem, its probably the last place you should spend your friday night at.

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