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May 26, 2010


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Interesting proposition, and one I have been thinking about as well. My take is that interest rates are very low right now - extremely enticing. Additionally, there have been precipitous price drops in certain markets. That said - and I realize the article was written with one area in mind - I see continued problems for people trying to sell in several different major metropolitan area. I'm basing this on first-hand conversations. They have seen home values drop significantly over the last 3 years after purchasing then, and while reselling are continually dropping prices. What's worse is that they are getting little attention, and that's consistent with comparable homes on the market too.

It's certainly a better time to buy that a few years ago, and I'm a fan of recognizing that you often need to "zig" when the market "zags". But from I see out there, despite a great situation for homebuyers (especially first time buyers), there might be a bit more room to drop.

I do like the article, and there are interesting points that support now being a very good time. The bottom line is that I think we still may have a chance to get better deals as the year goes on.

I generally agree that now is still probably a good time to buy real estate in general. But I don't know if REITs in general are necessarily a great value at this point.

I'm guessing this article is a little old. VNQ isn't yielding 7.8% now. Not even half that. Its currently yielding more like 3-3.5%. (latest quote on Vanguard site is 3.5% as of 4/30).

If our house was paid off, I would probably look into rental properties right now. But, it's not, so I'm going to try to ignore the awesome market and concentrate on getting rid of our car loan and mortgage.

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Besides the fact that prices are slightly lower than they were before, what market and economic indicators support your argument that its time to overweight personal real estate right now? What is real estate going up from here? There are almost zero data points in this post to support the claim. Unless, 'people in the office have bought' is considered a strong point.

I see this latest run-up in sales as a by-product of the generous homebuyers' tax credit that has recently expired. Too many houses here on the East Coast have been languishing on the market for way longer than 90 days, with many sellers just opting to rent and others going into foreclosure.

My mom is trying to sell her condo in FL...she is offering a $40,000 boat w/slip and a home full of top-of-the line furnishings. No luck and it's been on the market for nearly a year.

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