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May 19, 2010


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Big box stores often sell gift cards at a discount. At the Costco in my area they have restaurants, coffee shops, and stuff like all at 20 - 25% off. I often buy $50 in gift cards to my local coffee shop for $40. That's a nice 20% off, plus there is no sales tax on gift cards and no activation fee.

I've gotten cards at discounts of up to 20% off face several times.. few times from Ebay. My suspicion is that many are being sold be people who earned them by participating in survey sites and the like.. and would rather have cash.

Discover lets you use your cashback to get discounted gift cards. A good one is a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $20. BB&B always has lots of coupons circulating (and they take expired ones) so it's easy to match a good deal with a coupon with a discounted gift card.

Just this year I started buying gift cards from Plastic Jungle. I have purchased Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, and Kohl's. Most of the cards I buy are not heavily discounted (usually 4% for Wal-Mart and Target). I do get 2% casback by using my Schwab Visa. There seemed to be more cards available after Christams. The cards for higher end places seem to be available at bigger discounts. Since I usually buy gas at Sam's Club using a Wal-Mart gift card I feel like I'm saving a little money. I have never had a problem with any of the gift cards I have purchased. Sorry this is rambling.

I use Discover like Carrie. We buy the $25 Bath and Body Works card for $20 when we're know that we need more hand soap. Then we wait for a sale and strike, lol.

I also get one $50 Starbucks gift card for $45 so my husband can satisfy his very occasional Jave Chip cravings all year.

Oh, and the discounted Kohl's, JC Penny's, and Dilliard's gift cards are awesome for when I need to go shopping or need a gift for my husband's family (they shop at all three).

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