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May 06, 2010


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Thanx for the reminder.

I look at my house and yes it could use a good purging. There is way to much stuff in everyones house yet I can not buy into the 50% rule. Maybe a 25% is more like my style.

I have asked my husband and kids to help clean out the cluttered basement this Sunday (mostly the kids' old toys, clothes, art supplies, and books); when he saw more than one mouse a few nights ago, my husband wholeheartedly will be my Mother's Day gift!

I did this with my wallet the other day, it went from a Costanza to a ... (fill in with some reference to skinny wallet).

Interesting number - 50%. At first glance that seems quite high, but the more one thinks about it, it's probably realistic for a lot of us.

Decluttering is a good thing. Its expensive on the mind and wallet to keep unneeded clothes, toys, etc. One man's trash is another's treasure.

I agree that it is really hard to get rid of the things we used to make use of regularly. For example, I have lots of music CD and I purposely make some customized CD racks just for those CDs I rarely touch.
I think the last time I take a look at the collection was more than a year ago.

Sell those stuff or give them away. Anyway, by getting rid of them it simply simplifies your life.

I would LOVE to do include selling one of our homes (weekend cabin) and one of cars but my husband will not go for it.

We actually aren't all that cluttered, but we do have to tackle papers and mail that builds up every few takes over.

As for "stuff", if I can sell the four things I have left from spring cleaning, we'll be good to go. We did a major purge last year and haven't added to it except for papers and mail...

This is a great thing to do---and it feels so good! It is amazing what we hang on to even though we don't have any need for it.

One way to psych yourself up for this: remember that feeling when you first moved into a new apartment or house? When you had pared everything you own down to the essentials because you were moving, and now your new apartment that you just moved into looks so bar and clean and full of possibilities? You can get that same feeling by eliminating your unwanted junk. Just "pretend" that you are moving across the country and go through and toss stuff that you wouldn't bother taking with you. I did this after a divorce when I couldn't afford to move out of the house I used to live in with my ex---it's a great way to start making your old home feel like a new one, without the expense and hassle of actually moving.

I did a very little of this last month. Our small town was having a city-wide yard sale. I had lots of stuff to get rid of. I was going to have my yard sale as a give-a-way sale. So the wife of a youth minister said if I was going to give it away anyway, would I consider giving it to the church youth to raise money for a trip they were planning. I said fine. I have them 12-13 large boxes and bags of stuff.

I now realize that I don't even miss the stuff and space wise, I can't tell I even gave the stuff away. That means there is more to go.

But the lovliest part of the give-a-way was that whenever I filled a couple of boxes or sacks, I could take it to my friend's house and she stored it or took it to the church. It wasn't staring me in the face at home and begging me to keep it. Heavenly!!!!

I am older, my kids live about 500 miles away and if something should happen to me, it would be a mess for them to sort out all my stuff and get rid of it in the time they could be home.

I am cooperating somewhat by not adding more stuff to the house. I live in a 1000 sf trailer. I can't wait until i have lots of extra room.

We've been doing mini purges the last few years in certain rooms, but papers are a real issue. And it's time to leave the living areas and move onto the cellar and attic. I honestly think the stuff breeds.

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