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May 04, 2010


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if your Boss is the problem..just do your best..believe in yourself...dont think what other hard unless n until you get the success.
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I think step one is objectively figuring out if s/he is a bad boss, as opposed to you being enormously stressed out or in over your head in a role. Beyond that, I know I've said it here before, but when I had a nightmare (absolute nightmare) of a boss I skipped suggestions 1-5 and just quit. And that was when I needed work sponsorship to stay in the US. One of the best decisions I've made for my peace of mind and sanity, no regrets at all.

And I agree with your comments re HR - always remember that they are there for the protection of the company, not you!

PS how do you dig up all these articles to link to FMF?

guinness416 --

I have a full feed reader. ;-)

If your boss is the problem, then your best bet is to leave. Or if you're stuck at that job for some reason, grin, bear it and do your best to fly under the radar until you can depart.

The only exception I would make is if you have some reason to believe that HR is going to drop the hammer on your boss.

I would normally agree with your advice about not quitting a job until you found a new one, but I distinctly remember working at a job where the boss berated me every single day. I should have quit that job way earlier than I did. If your boss is abusive it's better for your psyche to jump ship than to stick it out.

Items 3 & 4 could easily backfire.

I know someone who complained to HR about a bad manager one time. HR then went straight to the manager and told them that they had an employee complaining about them. HR was absolutely no help at all and it only made the matter worse.

LOL! This and your previous post on performance reviews bring back all sorts of blinding memories. I was the problem boss, at least for the demented secretary whom I couldn't get rid of. It took over two years to oust that woman from our office -- working for a state bureaucracy means you have to go through the tortures of the damned to fire an incompetent employee.

Even when she almost burned the building down--oh yes: put her lunch in the microwave, set the timer to 20 minutes instead of 2 minutes, and went off and forgot about it. Set fire to the microwave. Scraped the flaming food and container into her purse, ran down the stairs, and tossed the whole mess into the atrium fountain, where it exploded into a geyser of steam and gunk. It took two weeks to get the toxic stink out of our suite, and the microwave (which belonged to me...) was destroyed; I thought we were going to have to hire a fire clean-up crew to render the place habitable again. Yes, even when she almost burned the building down, I still couldn't fire her.

Annual performance review? Hate them. But I do have to say, hers came in handy as a tool in the project to usher her out the door.

Absolutely stay away from HR. Our HR rep was on my side, so the aggrieved secretary was not about to get any sympathy there. IMHO, when you're unhappy in your job, it's time to start looking for a new job. Especially if it's obvious that your boss is unhappy you're in your job...

I think if you can't be patient for your boss and already considered it's not your fault or you've done great but your boss is the one who make problem, then just leave. If you have serious situation about job, it's like you said in the article that it's better to make sure you've got a new job.

I suggest reading Jack Welch's book, Winning. It's a book about management that addresses the points of views from both above and below a manager's position. There is one specific chapter dedicated to dealing with "bad" bosses, entitled That Damn Boss. Welch lays out a logical structure on how to evaluate why your boss is making life difficult and what steps to consider depending on that result.

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