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May 10, 2010


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What a great thing to do. Hopefully someone who really needs the boost will win

Sounds good - thanks!


I love to eat food.

In it to win it!

I love your blog FMF!

could so use this

$200? That's great.

We could celebrate my son's graduation from ASU @ a great restaurant!

Sign me up! I love :)

Love the website!

Count me in & thank you. I will be checking out the site!

Keep up the good work!! Really enjoy your efforts.

Thanks for an awesome chance

If I'm the winner, winner! I will get a chicken dinner!!

Thanks for all the wonderful giveaway opportunites! Love the site, hope I win!

Thanks so much for creating these opportunites to find out about things AND win.

Pick me!

Thanks for counting me in!

Count me in.

Would love to win;

Me too! :)

I'm in!

I could use some restaurant gift certificates. Thank you FMF.

Ok I'm here.

I like to eat.

Would love to win. Thank you!

i hope i win because i like to win thanks

Thanks for the giveaway!

Pick me pick me!

Late entrant to the contest. Thanks.

Love it!

Thanks for adding me to the mix.

Hoping to win. Thanks

@Daron: Rebate sites make their money from merchants, who pay an affiliate commission (read: referral fee) on each sale that originates with a click-through from the rebate site.

@TJ: iDine is behind Upromise's program. iDine itself may pay a higher percentage, but IIRC they take a fairly substantial annual fee off the top of your accumulated rebates. It's a little harder to cash out at Upromise, but you get to keep everything you earn. Are you on Upromise's promotional email list? Several times a year, they run special promotions such as double rebates, or bonuses for writing reviews or accumulating multiple dines over a certain time frame (currently 3 dines in 2 months, not too hard to do). You have to actively enroll in these to receive the additional savings -- the enrollment links arrive in the promotional emails.

Pick me, pick me! Thanks in advance.


Hoping I win.

Count me in.

Great offer! Thanks.

Pick me!

I'm in for a chance to win

Thanks for the chance!

I like food too, what a coincidence!

Oh, please let me be a winner!

I'd love to win this!



Count me in

Pick me!

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