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June 29, 2010


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I respect Marotta Wealth Management words often times, but for some reason I cannot stand thier writing style. Every time I read one of their columns, I can not help but dislike it. Not for the material, but the thoughts just always seem so incomplete.

Anyone else feel this way? Sorry.

Yeah Boi! $8000 in my bank!

"In three years all the homes can be sold for a profit"

Ha, ha! Wanna bet?

This is why the tax code needs to be re-written and not so confusing!

@ed, I would agree. I generally skip their posts because they are too long and do not keep my attention. But, maybe that is just us?

I'm glad someone else out there realizes that what gets a tax credit and what doesn't is entirely based on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of lobbyists - it has nothing to do with what makes sense.

There are some good aspects for tax credits.

One that MasterPo and Mrs. MasterPo are intimately familiar with is the Adoption Tax Credit.

Adoption costs a LOT of $$$ (domestic as well as foreign). The credit (currently about $12,000 but due to drop to $5,000 Jan 1, 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire) helps soften the impact and can make the difference between helping a child or not.

What can be bad about that?

(MasterPo eagerly awaits someone's reply about how bad it is)

@ed and Rob: Yeah...I skip them most of the time too. Took me three attempts to read this one, and I still only skimmed it.

For me, I generally skim Marotta's guest posts. Often there are nuggets of good information worth reading but it's often lost in convoluted writing.

I love this post and learned a few things!

I enjoy these posts even though the writing is a little bit disjointed. Some of the information is relevant to our situation.

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