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June 22, 2010


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My wife and I decided to have her be a stay at home mom even though she has the much much higher earning potential with her degree and experience. She continues to work part-time teaching at the community college but I know some day that too will have to go as our family grows. We've at least identified that want and hopefully can make it happen over the next couple of years.

I panicked just reading your summary. I too may check out the book, because I would love how she was able to reduce expenses enough to make up for a lost income.

Doesn't she make a lot from her blog/book?

I'm thinking that's the main reason she can afford not to work while they still live in San Fran...not something that anyone can do just by clipping coupons etc.

I agree reducing expenses is a great - and necessary - step in a situation like hers: when incomes drop, costs have to follow. What's really fascinating here is, though, that she actually wnet on and built a business from this necessary evil.

The "lemonade out of lemons" aspect is what I really like in this story, and that's also the direction I advocate to anyone who finds herself or himself in a situation even remotely like this one. Having gone through a near-miss incident myself that very easily could have had a more dramatic ending, I can only say this: turning that fear and anxiety into positive energy to build a business around the things I knew and liked really made the difference to my life "ever after". I imagine Jonni McCoy could only agree!

My wife and I have a very similar history. Learning to live (and save) off of one salary does present the great opportunity of starting a business with little risk. Whether my wife's business will succeed or not is yet to be determined, but the bills will get paid and the family fed no matter.

MC --

She made ends meet well before she had any source of extra income...

This story sounds similar to that of Amy Dacyczyn, who wrote The Tightwad Gazette.

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