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June 11, 2010


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I'll be watching!! The US team is the best we've ever fielded, and are in a good group. Much like last year, we have the chance to get on a run a make it deep into the tourney.

With Ireland out due to the French mistaking the game for handball, I'm supporting Spain - even though I'm a Spurs supporter my love for Cesc knows no bounds - and of course anyone playing England. Would be nice to see some of the underdogs do something too - Serbia, Greece, Nigeria, whoever. And one advantage of working for an Irish-owned country is that the boardroom TV will be tuned to the matches and coverage all day long .....

Your USD-GBP exchange rate needs tweaking. It is sitting around 1.5 these days.

Who am I rooting for? Go US! Go England!

I think I've lost my taste for Shakira. That dancing around while covered in mud (or whatever that was) is just strange.

Waka waka - song of 2010 easily!

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