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June 15, 2010


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Or simply buy a cheap laser printer and save even more over using an ink jet.

Arial? WTF?!

Futura LT book all the way.

I use Tahoma for all my emails...I hope no one's printing them and wishing I'd use Century Gothic instead, lol.

On a scale of 1 to 10 who cares.

In some cases corporate image is greater than cost.

Or, how about not printing at all??

Also, who actually prints 25 pages per week on their personal printer (not for business use)?

Now this is one that I had not heard yet. It's always interesting how there is some new way to save that the rest of us didn't think about, but someone did. This one is cool.

I try not to print much, but if I did, and I found the font reasonably pleasing to the eye, I would make that switch to save a little bit. Why not, especially if for personal use.

Nix on the laser printer. There is some controversy about indoor air pollution that occurs with the print dust.

I'll try the different fonts instead.

I'm pretty close to 25 pages per week; but I work at home. I just can't get the hang of analyzing reports, reading lenghthy articles, etc. on the monitor.

I hope there are more money saving tips out there, if not maybe I'll just have to stop surfing the web for ideas. Oh wait, there's a money saving tip. Turn off the darn computer!

Well, slap my computer silly! I wouldn't have ever though of that, but I guess it makes sense!

I cheat ever further and use a draft mode when I print most of my stuff (on resume stuff...). It uses less ink per page too.

We actually had a presentation on this at the company I work for.

I don't worry about the font size. But I do print must stuff in gray scale and like MR I use the draft mode most of the time.

really ian? haha thats hilarious. its a good tip, but really not something that the typical user will care about. i know i dont print anywhere near 25 pages a week at home. im lucky to print that many in a couple of months so the savings i could see are minimal. i already use times new roman so ill stick with it

Preferred Financial Services

how about the fact that most computers/printers are set up by default to print only on one side? excess capacity everywhere -

I just looked at all of the fonts to compare them. I don't get how Century Gothic can save money. Although it's a bit finer, the spacing (pitch) is wider than Arial. And Verdana is even wider. By about 15% when using the same point size. I don't have Ecofont available.

I think what you might save in ink, would be wasted on paper. Sure you can reuse and recycle paper, but I already do that. For now I'm sticking with Arial.

Maybe we should all write in 8pt instead of 10 or 12, as well.

That is a very good tip, but, I don't see changing the font. Don't print that much and I like to play around with different fonts. At work, the font is pretty standard and can't really change. Personal is differeny.

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